11 Actionable Techniques to Make Your SMS Text Sell

We’ve already learned that in preparing the SMS marketing campaign, one should pay special attention to the message text. Actually, the text has a huge impact on the SMS marketing campaign efficiency, as basically you are sending a text message, so it is the one which should make the reader believe you, be interested in your proposition in the text, make the reader pleased, make him intrigued.

SMS Text Writing Tips

You probably have already received some promotional text messages. Just recall yourself, some of them do you laugh, the others provoke to some action, either delete the message immediately or run toward the proposal provided in the short message, no matter how far the shopping mall is situated!

So, let’s see what tricks can be used by the marketers or should be done to get the maximum effect of the bulk SMS advertisement, to avoid deleting your SMS and do a receiver do the necessary action.

#1. Start your message with a catch-word

You know that the words have power, the power of persuasion, the power of conviction, the power of influence. Here means you need to find a word, which will immediately grab the attention of the reader of the message. For Example, “Attention! Finally! Hurray! It happened!”. These catchwords will immediately attract the attention of a potential customer and encourage him to continue reading the message.

Powerful Words That Will Help Your SMS to Sell

Among the other words which provoke people to perform a purchase, execute an order, or make a call, are SALE, OFF, NOW, NEW, BEST SELLERS, BE THE FIRST, THANK YOU, REMEMBER, TIPS.

Words to Avoid in Your SMS Sales Pitch

Besides, there are some words that, as the psychologists believe, may demotivate your customers and accordingly decrease your sales. Among them:

  • “Huge” – each sale and case is huge. Think of options to use. For instance, “Our Biggest Sale of the Year,” is more indicative.
  • “Hassle-free” – sure, the word combination seems convincing, but you’re still correlating the term “hassle” with your company or brand. Not a good idea. Use “easy” alternatively.
  • “Once in a lifetime” – oh, it is a cliché, and typically, wrong idioms similar to this don’t support your sales. Be unique!
  • “Cyberspace” – it’s not 1970-th. If your services refer to the web and online in any way, avoid old terms like “cyberspace,” or “information superhighway,” unless you’re being sarcastic.
  • “look inside” – it is generally affirming the obvious things. Obviously, the customer has to look inside to read the content or order a product or a service. Avoid using these two words, and just stick to the subject.
  • SAVE UP TO 25% RIGHT NOW!!! – there are two red flags in the announcement. To start with, using all caps makes people feel like you’re shouting at them. Keep your punctuation to a minimum, too. The sale isn’t any more enticing with three exclamation marks.
  • “Groundbreaking” – the word much like “guaranteed,” “groundbreaking” is a term you want to direct clear of. While it may seem important, it’s not as effective as you might assume. Besides the situations you’re selling jackhammers, or have really produced a brand-new technology or offering, “groundbreaking” is just extra buzzword consumers have learned to be skeptical of.

#2. Focus on the main information in your SMS text

Capitalize words such as “OFFER, DISCOUNT, SPECIAL OFFER”. For example, a 20 % DISCOUNT on home goods…”.

#3. Show the customer your respect in the SMS text

With the purpose, use pronouns You, You, Yours in the text of the message. Be polite, nice, friendly, gentle in your text. In opposite – do not be aggressive, persistent or pushy. Nobody likes being pushed.

#4. Save space by using numbers instead of characters when writing numerals

Remember, using numbers to convince customers and accommodate them to perceive the information accurately. Numbers bring clarity to the information flow. Numbers make the reader perceive only specific data, a minimum of “wateriness” in your text. Besides, there is a sales trick to use decimals instead of integers, while suggesting some price. For example, $ 9,99 instead of $ 10, or even $ 9,95. It seems like you are proposing fewer prizes, while the full price is still 10.

#5. Use the most suitable format

First, try various formats, like Question-Answer format, plain short informative sentences, exclamation sentences, etc. When you are composing messages in the form of a question-answer, ask the customer question and give your answer to solve the problem asked in the question. For example, “Do you know what today’s mascara price? 30 $. – 15% cheaper than all the city shops!”

#6. Include a refund guarantee into the SMS

Thus, you will increase customer loyalty to your business. For example, “we will deliver your pizza in 20 minutes or we guarantee your money back + you get all the discount on the next order!” It would seem an incredible guarantee, but it works! It motivates not only the customer to buy, but also you to provide timely services.

#7. Limit your proposition

Promotions, discounts, and other special offers should be limited in time. Create the feeling of necessity and urgency of the purchase in our SMS recipients. For example, “SPECIAL DEAL 50% on [country] air tickets. Hurry up, deal available till the end of this week”. But avoid doubtful phrases like “final days to save”, which doesn’t clearly state how many days are left in the sale. Provide your clients with a precise period on all offers.

#8. Use stimulating words

Use the words that stimulate or motivate a customer to do an action, do this at the very end of the message: “Hurry, hurry up!”. It is a mini-call to action aimed to once again attract the attention of the client.

#9. Produce exclusive suggestions

Try to persuade your customer, that this proposal is given only to him, and nobody else deserves it. Offer the customer coupons, actionable upon show only. It will create the effect of a personal message. For example: “Show this message to our manager and you get a 15% DISCOUNT on face care products”.

#10. Compare prices

Use the comparison of old and new prices in your SMS text, thus motivate the customers to buy your product at a certain time. For example: “Today you can buy watermelons for $ 1.99 kg! Hurry up! Tomorrow’s price is $ 2.49. “.

#11. Deliver a unique offer.

Try to present your offer as much unique as you can, which will not leave your customers indifferent to your deal.

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Companies spend a lot of money on the creation of marketing SMS texts in the hope they will convert the user to the client and instantly increase the level of their sales. Nevertheless, there is no universal recipe for SMS texts, which sell. None copywriter in the world, even the most experienced, will not be able to teach you how to create content that will certainly lead to a fabulous increase in sales.

Your situation, offers, and business is unique and requires a highly individual approach. Something that worked during one SMS marketing campaign will not always lead to success in another.

Therefore, all you have to do when writing an SMS text is: to rely on the requests of your target audience, to compose profitable offers for them, and to create such SMS content that will be relevant to all their inquiries.

It is the only way to achieve success, increase traffic and increase sales.

SMS-Smart team wishes you good luck and huge sales!

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