5 Main Advantages of Text Message Automation

Let’s have some statistics. 95% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes after it is received. Short text messages open rate is nearly 98%, in comparison with the email – open rate is 22%. Today, almost everyone has a phone. And many have more than one device. This means that you can deliver an offer directly to your customer with a very high hit rate. The most interesting thing is that 90% of entrepreneurs do not use SMS-mailing. Are you one of them?

Here are a few reasons why you should set up your automated text message campaign today:

  1. Automated text messages have a high open-rate. 

    We’d like to mention this unbelievable power again. Yes, 98 out of 100 of your customers who have accepted the subscription to your SMS mailing list will open the message. The reason is that the text of the SMS is very short and it takes several seconds to read it. Convenience and valuable information is your key to success.

  2. Most consumers are willing to receive SMS.

    According to the studies, 14% of people consent to receive an automatic text message from the brand for no reason at all. What if you’ll add to the text message some incentive (bonus/coupon/gift)? This rate will grow to 57%. Using games and various activities and notifying your customers about it by SMS, you can grow the number of potential customers who are ready to buy.

  3. The unsubscribe option.

    Very few marketing channels do provide you control over the bounced customers. As a result, the company is spending enormous funds on ineffective advertising and hardly engaged the audience. Because of too much information, customers have learned to shield themselves and not perceive advertising. In SMS marketing, a person can always opt out of a mailing list. We recommend you to give your customers this choice, no matter how hard it is for you to lose several potential customers. As a result, your auto text messages are sent only to those who are interested in them. The channel works more efficiently, the number of conversions raises, and less money is spent on promotion campaigns.

  4. Regular SMS campaigns help to retain clients.

    Marketing is not just about gaining new customers. Building connections with old customers is an easy way to boost sales. Broadcasting automated text messages to customers is a type of communication with the audience that helps develop loyalty to your brand.

  5. The use of mobile devices.

    Now everyone owns a smartphone. This makes it a perfect platform for interacting with a large audience. You can easily present information to even the most remote client.

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How To Automate Texts Messages Sending?

Let’s first define SMS automation – it is the capability to automatically send text messages according to the schedule. All you need to do is write the text of SMS, upload the list of recipients, and set the sending date in the text message scheduler.

Reasons to Use Auto SMS Sender

  • Automatic text message sending allows you to schedule text messages broadcasting (notifications, reminders, or alerts) automatically for any occasion (birthdays, new year greetings, and other notifications that will be repeated).
  • This feature is also useful for entrepreneurs and businesses since you can automate notifications about an appointment, for example.
  • To do this, you just need to set up an SMS campaign once, and then your subscriber will receive a message on the desired dates and at the specified time automatically. You can also automate your campaigns to be sent repeatedly at the same time once a year, but for this, you need to develop a script that will make the SMS system repeat the campaigns. Usually, this is done by software developers.

PRO tip

Perform short message sending by splitting the entire customer base into small segments and sending each segment the text message that best meets its needs. 

Consequently, the client (a stable one) will not consider these automated text messages as spam. In the first step, we determine the entire client base that should be sent out (for example, we have not contacted the client for a long time, or there some events worth notifying). Then we select a small segment of clients from the entire selected client group based on some similar criteria, adapt the text of the message to it, and send it, but the clients are excluded from the selection, and we select a new segment. We do this until the selection is complete.

Why Choose SMS-Smart platform for Automated Text Messages Sending? 

In the SMS-Smart automated text message service, you can send single SMS, as well as mass text sending. Mass text messages can be scheduled for a specific time and date inside the SMS-Smart system interface, and it is also possible to set a gradual sending during the selected time. The second option should be performed by software developers on your system side and integrated with SMS-Smart SMS API.

To automate your text message sending at SMS-Smart move to the Campaigns menu, while setting up an SMS campaign, at the final step (4) set the time in the future. To set up the same campaign for the other date – just move to campaigns and click Repeat campaign. Choose another time for a newly created campaign.

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Delayed Text Sending Feature at SMS-Smart

The text message sending scheduler will be extremely useful for weekend marketing campaigns or if you have clients who are located in a different time zone. You can also use the scheduler to automate the process of sending reminders about upcoming events, send a greeting in advance (for example, on the occasion of the client’s birthday). SMS-Smart allows you to schedule any number of SMS campaigns.

Distribution of Automated Text Sending in Time

You can distribute the text messages sending in time using the scheduler, that is, a mechanism of setting a time limit on the amount of SMS sent during the selected time. This feature is especially useful when you are sending an automated text to a large list of subscribers. This will reduce the peak load on the call center, which can occur when thousands of your customers start calling you after receiving an SMS.

All you need to do is to plan your SMS sending list once, and then the scheduler will do everything itself.

SMS-Smart service is enabled with an automated feature of text messages mailing at an exact time in the future that simplifies the process of SMS campaign planning. You don’t need to remember all the dates and prepare an SMS campaign in a rush on the day of the upcoming event. This feature allows automating the process of sending messages.


Many companies use various automatic text message sending services to communicate with their customers. Often this process has the character of unloading a list of customer phone numbers from the database and sending text messages advertisements to them. 

Such an approach implies the difficulty of updating the mailing list, therefore you need to constantly renew the list of clients by uploading new ones. 

Text message sending automation by the implementation of corporate system integration SMS API, you can greatly simplify this task, as well as build much more complex algorithms for text message sending up to your business needs.

Ready to start your first SMS campaign? Follow the next steps:

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