International coverage with reliable SMS routes – all in one up to your advertising needs

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You Are at the Right Place if

You Need a Tool for Instant Contact

You have a huge customer’s database from all over the world and need a tool for on the spot contact with them, inform, notify, and send alerts quickly or according to schedule. SMS is the fastest way to do this!

You Want More Leads

Want to attract new customers to your service or product, increase your income and customer awareness about your business, get more leads? Check SMS advertisement channel!

You are a Publisher or Advertiser

Have an idea of an affiliate program and want to attract partners to it? Or, you are a partner of an affiliate program and need to get benefits of it? SMS is the cheapest way to handle this!

You Want to Increase CTR, Conversion Rate, ROI

If you participate in network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) business and want to advertise it, increase CTR, conversion rate, ROI – text messaging is a good way to implement this.

You Want to Launch SMS Marketing

Are you looking for SMS Marketing self-service system to manage SMS campaigns on demand at your advertising agency, get statistics and analyze SMS channel performance at a single platform? Try SMS Smart!

What Do We Offer?

Easy to use A2P SMS web service – SMS Smart website providing you the access to your personal dashboard, where you can set up SMS campaigns, schedule it, add customers’ database, subdivide your database into segments and send perfectly targeted SMS advertisement to you current of potential customers and affiliate partners.

Besides, SMS Smart can be flexibly integrated by our SMS API integration with your corporate or any third party system and be used to send SMS from it.

Moreover, our 24/7 active team is ready to support and provide you with the best service, global coverage, and reliable routes for any type of your SMS traffic.

Types of SMS You Can Send

Promotional SMS

SMS Notifications

Transaction SMS

Confirmation SMS

SMS Alerts

You Can Include to Your SMS

160 symbol text in the Latin-based alphabet (like English, French, or Spanish) or

70 symbols text in non-English characters (languages not using a Latin-based alphabet, like Arabic or Chinese)

Website link

Codes, digits

Test Your SMS Delivery

Our team is ready to provide you the most reliable route and ensure that each of your SMS reaches the target destination!

In order to comply with the local regulations that some countries use to protect subscribers from spam, please, provide the content you are going to use in the SMS and we will test the routes to offer you the best one, with the 100% delivery rate!

Send us you SMS text

Web Service Features

All-in-one tool in your hands. Web account to set up SMS campaigns, SMS templates, schedule and run bulk SMS. Review all activities from your Dashboard.

Review, filter or export reports on all SMS campaigns at Statistics menu. Reports are saved in Excel file for further processing.

Create and set up each of your SMS campaigns in Campaigns menu. Set Sender ID, create message text, choose contacts database and send bulk SMS immediately or schedule it for future.

Set your IP address here to create the connection with SMS Smart by API. Establish the most convenient way to send SMS from your own system.

Contacts menu allows you uploading your database of customers phone numbers from Excel file. Create segments of contacts by tagging groups of numbers.

Purchase menu allows you to review your current rate plan, see the cost per SMS according country and available networks.

Why SMS?

The mobile phone is one of the main means of communication in the 21-st century, besides it is a quick way to establish contact with a client. It is not surprising that the advertising of services and products by A2P messaging is a popular service because it is the shortest way to reach a potential customer.

SMS marketing channel allows combining such important marketing components as precise targeting, individual approach and flexible scheduling of contacting to the customer. We can even analyze it from the point of view of 5 P’s of marketing, the marketing mix, which is used to grow your business and market your product/service effectively. So, with A2P SMS channel, you are able to promote your product \ service to the right people, at a low price, from any place in the world. You are able to communicate with the target audience on a large scale, accurately and quickly, increasing your ROI, sales and attracting new leads.

International Bulk SMS at Competitive Prices

  • Rate Plan name
  • Minimal top-up

  • Discount
  • Personal Manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Worldwide access
  • Professional user
  • 250
  • 5%
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Enterprise user
  • 500
  • 10%
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes