Advantages Of Bulk SMS Marketing in Comparison With The Other Advertisement Channels

In a world where the main role in a successful business organization plays the quality and effectiveness of the advertising campaign, one cannot do without new, unique ideas. Several years passed after the business owners have learned about such a simple and effective way, as Internet advertising, and today it is time to open up the new science, whose name bulk SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing – a way to impact a wide range of potential customers via their personal mobile phones. To organize such a promotion was very difficult until recently it: it was necessary to collect the database, examine customer preferences and manually send each SMS with informative content. Today, things are much simpler: there is a service of bulk SMS messaging, and anyone can take advantage of it.

The use of SMS-mailing

The most common and effective bulk SMS service practices:

  • The Internet and retails stores – owners and employees can receive \ confirm orders, notify of any changes in the work, offers, sales, and so on;
  • banks – notifications for the customers about the money flows on the accounts and notification of important events;
  • all kinds of services, centers, clubs – tell their customers about upcoming events, information about the new features;
  • entertainment centers – usually carried out a newsletter with information on the planned activities;
  • logistics companies – cargo tracking.

Positive and negative aspects of SMS-mailing


The undeniable advantage of this kind of advertising campaign is the high speed and efficiency. In a short time, the operator can send hundreds of thousands of messages, which can be visualized as desired (MMS picture, music, and so on).

Such advertising has a well-planned audience and therefore, its effectiveness is 20-25% higher than all other promotions.

Low cost of the service, immediate communication with customers, the ability to track the status of messages, high brand awareness – are also the indisputable advantages of bulk SMS.


Ideally, the advertisers should get permission from the users to send SMS to them. Otherwise, this method of advertising can be considered illegal.

In recent years special questionnaires, which are filled by the customers to get club \ discount card, contract or other document are used to obtain the customer’s consent on SMS subscription.

In this case, the customer base expands, and the problem vanishes for advantages.


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