Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bulk SMS Mailing

Each method of advertising has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, not every company can afford television or radio advertising because of the high cost of these advertisement channels, while print advertising in the form of leaflets, flyers, and brochures does not always reach a specific target audience.

Thus, there is a strong probability that the information you want to convey to the end-user will just not be clear to him. Despite its effectiveness, availability, and focus on a particular group of consumers, such a way of advertising as bulk SMS messaging, also has disadvantages. Although these disadvantages are rather conventional and in some cases can transfer in obvious advantages, yet they should pay attention to before including bulk message service in the marketing policy of the company.

Risks of Sending Bulk Text Message

  • First, the SMS bulk messaging is quite strictly regulated by the rules of law, according to which an advertiser must necessarily obtain the consent of the subscriber to receive promotional or informational SMS. This minus easily becomes a plus, because the advertiser will know exactly who from the list of potential customers will be interested in bulk SMS messaging. That is the contacts database is formed substantially from the subscribers, who have revealed their voluntary desire to receive SMS from your company.
  • Secondly, some specialists believe that SMS mass delivery is focused exclusively on existing customers. This is not entirely true. Each recipient of the message can share the information received in the SMS, with his loved ones, friends, colleagues, and other people. Also, one can always quickly forward SMS to another recipient, as opposed to print ads.
  • Third, some advertisers consider that bulk message as a marketing tool is not able to attract a large number of new potential customers. Indeed, the effect of this method is less noticeable. You can either buy a database of subscriber numbers or send SMS randomly. Both methods can give the results, and you will get new customers who will be able to become permanent and most loyal in the future.

Benefits of Sending Marketing SMS Texts in Bulk

The pros of advertising by the SMS bulk mailing overbalance its cons. Here are some of them:

  • covering a huge target audience – sending SMS in bulk
  • the ability to visualize (MMS or graphics in the message body) and track the delivery,
  • focus on the target audience,
  • personalization,
  • support availability, versatility, efficiency. Y
  • ou should not forget that it is much more convenient for the recipient to store the SMS with your offers or your company’s address in his phone’s memory. This allows using the informal and whenever it is needed.
  • in contrast, for example, to store flyers, leaflets, and brochures, or business cards, which occupy much space and can not always be “near at hand”.
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