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2 Ways to Send Bulk Sms from Excel Sheet at SMS-Smart

How to Send Bulk Sms from Excel Sheet at SMS-Smart? Besides all the features of SMS-Smart service we’ve already discovered: Setting up Sender ID SMS templates Configuring bulk SMS campaign Send from Excel Feature at SMS-Smart Dashboard Today we will review the option to send SMS from an Excel document. You can send SMS messages […]

Working Ideas for Halloween SMS Marketing Campaign

How to launch the Successful SMS Marketing Campaign on Halloween? We do not get tired of repeating from year to year that we do not like Halloween terribly, and we do not consider it a holiday. However, people like this event and October 31 on the streets will walk mummers zombies, vampires, and other creepy […]

What is SMS API & How to Apply it for Your Business?

Let’s Start With the Basics: What is an API? An API abbreviation stands for Application Programming Interface. The name seems to speak for itself, but it is better to dive deeper into a detailed explanation. As already mentioned, primarily API is an interface. An interface that allows developers to use pre-built blocks to build an […]