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How Can Bulk SMS be Helpful to Increase the Brand Awareness

Mobile communication is now a necessity, and today it is difficult to imagine modern people without mobile phones. Mobile communication is also used by businesses to advertise products through bulk SMS. We’ve already defined that SMS advertising is the promotion of a brand, products or services through mobile phones by sending SMS in bulk. Companies […]

How to Segment Your Contacts at SMS-Smart Platform?

Create More Targeted Contact Lists Using Segmentation Dear customers, we wish SMS-Smart to be a useful and flexible tool for your SMS marketing and we are ready to help you in using it. Today we’ll discover a useful feature, which can be applied with several goals. It is Segmenting your Contacts. Segmenting contacts using different […]

11 Actionable Techniques to Make Your SMS Text Sell

We’ve already learned that preparing the SMS marketing campaign, one should pay special attention to the message text. Actually, the text has a huge impact on the SMS marketing campaign efficiency, as basically you are sending a text message, so it is the one which should make the reader believe you, be interested with your […]