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Basic Guidelines for Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

What is SMS marketing and how it differs from mobile marketing? Mobile marketing and SMS marketing are the two notions each of them has its peculiarities and specifics. First of all, we should distinguish that Mobile marketing is a wider notion, the main specifics of this type of advertisement is that the Ads are delivered […]

Black Friday at SMS-Smart – Get the Best SMS Templates and SMS Routes with the Highest Conversion Rate for Black Friday Campaign 2018

When it comes to the advertising, marketing in general and to SMS marketing in particular, any marketer is trying to make a schedule of his marketing activities – here it comes the list of holidays and special occasions to launch a marketing campaign. In our previous article we have covered the complete list of special […]

How to Set up Bulk SMS Campaign at SMS-Smart

Dear customers, users of SMS-Smart web service! We truly want to make your first journey at SMS-Smart service as much easy and enjoyable as possible. Our team is always ready to support you, feel free to contact us by contact form, we will help you with settings of your first bulk SMS at our platform. Today, […]

How to Use SMS Notification and SMS Alert in Your Business to Promptly Contact with Your Customer Database

SMS Notifications & SMS Alerts as a Tool for Instant Contact with Customers Multi SMS notifications are becoming increasingly popular. There are many software programs and different web services for sending short messages to the huge amount of recipients. Experts say that phone slowly but surely loses the relevance of its main function, which is […]