Black Friday at SMS-Smart – Get the Best SMS Templates and SMS Routes with the Highest Conversion Rate for Black Friday Campaign 2021

When it comes to advertising, marketing in general, and to SMS marketing in particular, any marketer is trying to make a schedule of his marketing activities – here it comes the list of holidays and special occasions to launch a marketing campaign.

Black Friday is probably the most favorable and popular occasion in November to take advantage of any type of business and any category of products or services. So, let’s dive deeper into the origin, traditions, and peculiarities of this unique day.

When is Black Friday?

Every year on the first Friday after American Thanksgiving Day (usually – this is the last week of November), starts the famous Black Friday – a day that does not resemble its gloomy name at all.

When is Black Friday 2018?

This year Black Friday is on the 23-rd of November, but most businesses and stores start this offer long before the Friday itself, they send messages in bulk to all the customers, invite them to take advantage of discounts and special offers, after this, they remind the users some more times, up to the final sale with the greatest discount.

After all, Black Friday is one of the brightest and unforgettable Fridays of autumn, a day of huge discounts and sales, the main holiday for all shopaholics, and a great chance for those who want to save up money.

What is Black Friday?

In most countries, Black Friday is the beginning of the traditional Christmas sales season, when you can buy a wide variety of products at very competitive prices because the size of discounts ranges from 30% to 90% depending on the product.

The Origin of Black Friday Shopping Tradition

Probably, there are hardly any of you who haven’t wondered why is black Friday called Black Friday.

The tradition of this rampant shopping originated in the19th century in the US, when the largest retail shops began to arrange huge Christmas sales, stimulating buyers to buy incredible amounts of goods by discounts, bonuses, special gifts, etc.

The term “Black Friday” itself appeared only in 1966 in Philadelphia. There are two generally accepted versions of the origin of the name. According to the first one, the name dues to the huge traffic jams that appeared the day after Thanksgiving. On the other hand, the name Black Friday was due to the way of keeping accounts on that day. The losses were recorded in red ink, and the profits in black, and since the profits were huge on that day, the black color prevailed in the reports. One way or another, this tradition of huge sales became so successful that it quickly spread to other countries. On this day that hundreds of millions of people around the world sweep even the stalest goods off the shelves, bringing monthly profits to the sellers.

Black Friday Around the World

Today, Black Friday is a popular international trend. But in the US people are looking forward to this day with special impatience. On the eve, before midnight, in the malls and shops of the US cities, there is no place for an apple to fall – prudent buyers take their turn in advance, and some even spend the night at the store’s entrance. The first buyers are waiting for serious discounts (from 50 to 80%). In addition, on Black Friday, many stores open very early – around 5 am, and some of the largest retail chains – even at midnight.

Ways to Attract Customers on Black Friday Sales

Although this day is not an official holiday, many Americans take time off mainly for shopping. Stores and retail chains do everything to attract customers:

  • Send emails a week \ half a month before Black Friday itself
  • Send promotional SMS on the customer’s database alarming the Black Friday starts
  • Send the final sale email \ SMS with the final largest discount
  • Put all possible banners on the website
  • Release discount coupon on special web resources

It would seem that such a generous policy should bring losses to the merchants. However, a large flow of buyers fully compensates for the low prices, besides, there is Christmas ahead, and the purchase of goods becomes just a necessity for people. Thus, in one day the shops kill two birds with one stone: they attract a large flow of customers, ensure the rapid movement of goods and get a good profit. By the way, do not think that only discounted or unpopular goods are involved in the sale. Since the seller, in any case, wins, so discounts apply to the best goods in the range. In addition, traditionally, manufacturers of appliances and household goods are timed to release a new product line for this period. So they not only stimulate the demand but also make advertising for a new product.

Another important feature of Black Friday is that returning the goods purchased on this day is considered bad luck. Therefore, the percentage of the return of purchases is small, which is also favorable for sellers. The buyer also remains the winner because many people are planning to purchase Christmas gifts in advance and buy them on Black Friday with a great discount.

Black Fridays Sales SMS Ideas

Almost all categories of goods, from food to household appliances fall into a discount on this day. This is definitely a great chance for any company to take advantage of and use this event for Black Friday SMS marketing. One can do this for less by sending promotional SMS the cheapest way to send your offer to the customers.

The most popular category of goods traditionally remains electronics, clothing, and toys.
Although TVs, every year we see huge crowds of people storming shops in the USA on Black Friday and sweeping everything off the shelves – from socks to huge plasma panels. So, if you still hesitate whether this occasion is suitable for your business just have a look at some ideas for the Black Fridays SMS advertising campaign:

Hey! We start Black Friday Sale – 20% OFF on all you find in our shop! Shop till you drop!

Thank God, it’s Black Friday! Enjoy a 50% discount on all goods at our online store!

First, we turkey, then we Target – our slogan for this Black Friday. Sales at our stores start NOT!

Countdown to Black Friday is launched! Enjoy sales at our eStore!

Are you only a morning person on Black Friday? Welcome to [Mall name] – we’ve got 24-hour discounts! Black Friday. Big Savings, No Waiting! We start Black Friday sale today – welcome to be the first to shop!

Give thanks & trample this Black Friday – enjoy the 70% OFF on all the clothes ordered by the online store.

Buy Nothing Day? Buy everything day! Black Friday starts NOW! Welcome to our shop.

Black Friday black eye day – up to 80% discount on selected items! Find yours now! Mama on a mission. Black Friday! We’re waiting for you this Friday 24 hours sale! Black Friday is your Superbowl! Visit our store and show the code BFriday on the cash desk and get 30% discount on all your purchases.

Black Friday bring it on people! 20% off on Pizza ordered online!

Black Friday at our restaurant starts today! Waiting for you any time – come and get a 10% discount. Sorry Santa, but this sale is better than the nice list!

We like when Friday is black! Discounts on all your favorite items – have a look online! Order and get up to 50% discount.

Hurry there’s a sale! Call us back to book a table – 10% off all week long!

Reminder – Keep calm and come to our salon on Black Friday! Get a discount on all procedures!

Who needs sleep? It’s Black Friday at [store name]! Find your nearest store: Let’s go shopping they said, it’ll be fun they said… We promise you the best shopping experience this Black Friday! Come to [mall name].

Black Friday sale. [mall name]. You and 50+ stores. All clothes will be 100% off.


In general, Black Friday is a “true shopaholic holiday”, it brings real satisfaction to all its participants. According to statistics, on Black Friday, an American family can save on average from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. And every year they leave $ 60 billion in stores, which is comparable to the annual budget of a small country. We should admit that in Europe, Black Friday is a little bit different. Yes, the tradition of discounts on Christmas eve is preserved, but everything happens in a more decorous and noble way. In many European countries, the honesty of discounts in retail outlets is controlled by the state, but also online stores do not lag behind their “real” colleagues. And lately, more and more Europeans are shopping these days, without leaving their homes.

The discount on goods in many European countries is done mainly through the Internet. But the assortment does not suffer from this, with a discount you can buy: electronics and household appliances, sports equipment and books, clothes and shoes, accessories and products for children, toys and gifts, interior items and textiles, optics and floristics, jewelry and pet goods

This year SMS-Smart also joins the Black Friday offer – on this occasion we offer all your subscribers to enjoy discounts on bulk SMS routes with an incredible conversion rate to selected destinations!

No Tricks Just Treats

No country you need on the list? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more discounts or a country missing on the list, and we will provide you with the best offer!

We wish you pleasant shopping and maximum discounts!