Bulk text messages communication with the clients is the best way for the gambling industry to reward gamers and gain a new audience

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Advertisers and marketing managers are looking for effective ways to deliver their advertisement to the target audience at a minimal cost. We offer you a new and one of the most efficient ways to advertise your products and services: mobile marketing with the bulk SMS distribution.

SMS Marketing Service is now the most extensive platform for direct access to customers, since almost everyone has a cell phone, and can receive SMS.

Mobile SMS advertising can be divided into two areas:

  1. Informing your existing customers (sending SMS at your subscribers’ database, people who give their consent to receive information from you through SMS) about various news and offers.
  2. Attracting new customers by sending SMS containing promotional information on some third party database of mobile phone subscribers who have consented to receive information by SMS messages. In this case, the database should be split into groups: residents of your town, region, age, social group, ). This kind of advertising will be useful to newly opened companies, as just in a few days the whole city will learn about them and their products.

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Casinos & Gambling Establishments

  • Increase CTR, conversion rate and optimize ROI
  • Drive traffic to the casino website
  • Increase betting at the casino website
  • Increase income

Your audience will be pleased to receive SMS from you with:

  • greetings on the registration at the online casino website
  • new prize draw
  • the increase of jackpot
  • the prize pool, bonus, offer
  • the opening of new gambling establishments
  • inform about new shares, sweepstakes, big races, games or tournament looms

What kind of bonuses Casino can send by SMS:

  • Reload bonus – from time to time it stimulates the client to come and use this premium. A customer can repeatedly receive such offers, keep them for some time, and when it reaches some amount – spend it.
  • Cash-back – suggest your customers a small motivation – small amounts of money in case of loss, (or win), charge it monthly or weekly, and drive real-world traffic through the front doors.
  • Holiday Bonuses – everyone likes receiving bonuses, for example, on the birthday occasion, not only congratulations but also various bonuses from the Casino. You can give these gifts in deposit, no deposit; it can be used either on the same day or transferred to another date.

How can you apply SMS-Smart at your online gambling or gaming business?

Using SMS-Smart service and sending bulk SMS to your target audience, you can efficiently increase the revenue of your online casino or any other online gambling business.

Integrating our Bulk SMS service with your online casino you can easily give your users the handy way to:

  • deposit casino with SMS
  • SMS payment at the online casino
  • transfer payment with SMS at the online casino
  • casino games pay by SMS
  • pay per SMS casino
  • bet via SMS at the casino
  • send your users SMS confirmation for betting at the casino
  • and many other features requiring fast contact with your target audience.

We have a deep knowledge of the SMS market and our wide network of partners in SMS routes gives us an opportunity to deliver your gambling content SMS to any destination.

Our experience in SMS marketing and with SMS routes gives our customers the beneficial advantage of finding the best wholesale, direct, grey SMS routes to deliver SMS with any content to the end-user.

SMS-Smart web service is a cheap and reliable tool for your business to provide the users to deposit funds with SMS, pay with SMS, transfer the payments, and payment confirmation by SMS at the online casino.

We are here to provide you the Best Service!

Our team is ready to provide you the most reliable route and ensure that each of your SMS reaches the target destination!

In order to comply with the local regulations that some countries use to protect subscribers from spam, please, provide the content you are going to use in the SMS and we will test the routes to offer you the best one, with 99% delivery rate!