SMS is a Win-Win tool to get new customers and increase loyalty among ready clients by informing them about news and shifts in the schedule of your company

Infographic sport

Sporting establishments, such as Gym, Sports, Health & Fitness Club, as any other business has to promote itself to get profit and become a sustainable business.

Even if a gym or fitness club possesses the impressive environment: modernistic equipment, a full range of directions for sports activities plus a suitable location – without appropriate advertisement, your pay-back period will last years.

Firstly, bulk SMS on carefully targeted clients database will give you lots of requests, visits to your sports club and with appropriate client support level you will quickly convert them to the clients.

In case, you possess an impressive customer database but have high ambitions to develop your network of sports establishments, start proposing new services, buy new equipment – bulk SMS service will help gain more popularity and loyalty among the customers.

To make you bulk SMS campaign successful, pay attention to following:

  • Collect the database – it may be the database of your existing clients; visitors who have not yet purchased a subscription, or have an expired date of their current subscription, as well as those who were interested, but never used the services, or you can start collecting a new database
  • Make segmentation of your database: create groups of people to send them SMS
  • Develop a promotional program, which was done.
  • Make up several advertising campaigns and sent several SMS options.
  • Analyze the reports, effectiveness and take the decision on further applying SMS texting.

Advantages Of Bulk SMS As A Marketing Channel

  • Attracting new clients, subscriptions
  • Recover some of the old visitors
  • Stimulate potential customers and less active clients to buy a membership

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