Try Sending Bulk SMS Greetings to Your Customers on Easter!

What is Easter?

One of the brightest days of the calendar in April is just around the corner. It is the long-awaited Easter festival. It is an important day for all Christians all over the world.

Easter festival brings families together around the dinner table, opens the doors to numerous visitors! Usually, the conversations this day traditionally start with the phrase “Christ is risen!”, while an answer should be “Indeed He has Risen!”. Many Christian people keep this tradition, or there may be some variations of phrases.

Easter is the oldest religious holiday. The Bright Resurrection of Christ has been celebrated from the very moment of this great event and this tradition was passed to all the believers.

Easter is not only a religious holiday but also an occasion to advertise your products and remind your subscribers about yourself. Not sure how to do the newsletter on Easter? Come with us and see some ideas!

When is Easter Celebrated in 2020?

The Orthodox Easter Sunday in 2020 falls on April 19. While Catholic Easter in 2020 is celebrated on April 12. It is believed that it is early Easter.

Easter greetings by bulk SMS is an easy way to congratulate dearest customers and partners! Remember, your short piece of text at some cheap price, which you may check at our platform, will give your customers and partners a piece of the holiday, show your attitude, and for sure increase their loyalty to your company.

Therefore, we would like to give all our readers and Customers a piece of information about the Easter greetings, which they can use to express their respect to the Clients on Easter.

Easter SMS Marketing Tips for Increasing Business

If you already decided to start an SMS marketing campaign on Easter, do not forget the general points of preparing an SMS campaign. We have already described what to pay attention to while preparing SMS campaign: SMS text, time of starting SMS campaign, segmenting your contacts, there could be many other; the most important aspects that you should leverage on is that you should be correctly determined about your SMS marketing goal. The whole manner of your works on detailing the Easter SMS marketing campaign needs to be simple, and detailed.

Please see below some of the most essential viewpoints that as a business you should thoroughly look into:

  • Decide on the goal of your SMS marketing campaign on easter (increase loyalty, sales, brand awareness, etc.)
  • Determine the major segments of customers or partners
  • Narrow down on their favorites
  • Create a user-friendly campaign (prepare several types of SMS text templates)

Let’s move on to these main points in detail.

Decide on the goal of your SMS marketing campaign on Easter

Among the possible goals, you may choose according to your business needs may be: increase customer loyalty, boost sales, enhance brand awareness, etc. According to these goals you should move on to defining the groups of customers which in your opinion are most willing to get your SMS, the best time for sending SMS campaigns, preparation of SMS text templates. for example, once you’ve chosen the goal to increase customer loyalty, the best matching SMS campaign will be to send the warmest Easter greetings to the customers and Partners. Ones, your goal is to increase sales the appropriate SMS campaign should include some discount proposals, special offers, etc.

Determine the major segments of customers or partners

Here you should closely look at your customers’ database, group it according to the customer types, partners, etc. Narrow down on their favorites and preferences. Agree, it would be strange to send an SMS to those who are newly acquainted customers with some strange offer or greetings, but for stable customers greeting SMS, it is a great opportunity to increase their loyalty to a brand. Find some information here on how to segment your contacts database in the SMS-Smart platform.

Create a user-friendly SMS campaign

After completing the first 2 steps you’ll have a clear understanding of what types of SMS marketing campaigns you should start preparing. Prepare several types of SMS text templates, include customer’s names, offer, greeting, etc. and move on to set an automated SMS campaign. This can be easily done at the SMS-Smart platform. You can create several SMS campaigns and set some particular time to be sent in the future (a feature of the scheduling of bulk SMS campaigns). Here you should thoughtfully consider the particular time your SMS will be sent.

Look through our page, choose the SMS text you find friendly and send it to your Customers and Partners to cheer them up. Isn’t this nice to receive a short SMS message with sincere warm words?






These are only some of the most relevant points which you should consider while choosing bulk SMS marketing for Easter.

Remember, bulk SMS is the easiest and fastest way to reach your customers, tell them some important information, or just express warm festival wishes. Just think, on Easter people usually do not check their emails, post but their mobile phone is always by the hand. So, just do not hesitate and plan your Easter SMS campaign with SMS-Smart!

Our SMS-Smart team is always ready to help you to set an SMS campaign for your marketing needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

We are here to help!

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