Bulk SMS as a Useful Tool to Automate Business Processes at Delivery Service

Why Bulk SMS?

We’ve already learned that SMS is an easy and fast way to reach a large number of audiences, besides it is a relatively cheap channel, compared to the other ways of communication.

SMS can be effectively used by many industries, and we’ve already reviewed some of them here. Let’s continue the overview of the benefits of SMS marketing by telling the story of how a Delivery Service can reduce costs and increase efficiency by introducing SMS notification, SMS alerts.

Establishing the work of the delivery service with the only help of bulk SMS is not possible, because the ideal delivery service consists of many components. However, sending SMS in bulk is a fast channel for communicating with the customers’ database, by which the delivery company can significantly increase not only the quality of provided service but also the flow of customers. It is difficult to argue with the fact that SMS is a profitable investment.

Bulk SMS as a method of informing is cheap, fast (sending speed is up to 300 SMS/sec.) and can be analyzed due to detailed reports.

How Can SMS be Applied by the Delivery Service?

  • Informing about the company’s services
  • Order status notification, shipping status, appointment reminders (an automatic mode should be implemented by the integration with SMS sending service like SMS-Smart).
  • Informing about the place, time, shifts of the order delivery
  • Reporting by SMS, i.e. delivery report
  • All sorts of promotional SMS (discounts, coupons, offers)
  • Alerts from delivery service employees (e.g. couriers may inform customers about any changes in plans, routes, etc.)
  • Well-wishings, greetings, thanks will help your delivery company to increase loyalty to the service.

Benefits of Introducing SMS at Delivery Service

For business owners, using SMS marketing thoughtfully, it is a way to optimize business processes at the delivery company. Moreover, the cost of employees’ wages or phone calls can be reduced by introducing an easy and automated way of informing the customers by SMS, sending them order status, other details of the order.

Moreover, for the clients of the delivery service, SMS is a piece of valuable on-the-spot information about their order, which they are waiting for. On-time informing your customers is a key to the first-rate consumer experience. And excellent client experiences build trust and loyalty, which are crucial segments in any successful business strategy.

Cases: Examples of SMS Order Confirmations

SMS for Delivery service 1

SMS for Delivery service 2

SMS for Delivery service 3

SMS for Delivery service 4

Integrate SMS Notifications Into Your Corporate System or CRM

Many modern SMS sending platforms allow integrating their functions with the corporate system (CRM, ERP, etc.). This allows the business to automate many processes, which can be performed with SMS, we have already described some of the above. Our web service SMS-Smart also provides the users API to integrate with any of your corporate systems. We advise you to transfer these tasks to your development, or IT department, or hire a dedicated team in order to implement this correctly.

Integrating SMS announcements with an API lets you customize the notifications to operate precisely how and when you want them to, sending order notifications automatically with the specific SMS you choose on the time you set.

Taking into account, that nowadays we live in a digital epoch and a large part of communication is online, bulk SMS reasonable addition to the all-digital services and features you already use at your business.

Combining customized automated bulk SMS into your corporate system is an easy, fast process. Informing customers by SMS is a seamless way to get important transactional information, while for businesses, SMS drives agility, performance, and ROI.

SMS-Smart team welcomes you to contact us for any support regarding setting SMS service at your business, please describe to us your needs, SMS texts you want to send, integration requirements and we’ll advise on how to do this quickly and effectively.

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