Five Ideas for Summer Promotional SMS Campaigns

Who says summer is a dead period?

Here we’ll bust a myth about summer sales decrease and will give you a hint of …

How to Make the Summer season beneficial for your business with SMS Marketing

In today’s article we’ll cover some creative ideas for your business – 5 examples of summer promotional SMS marketing campaigns, and several successful promotional SMS templates, that will help you to increase sales even in the most silent sales period – summer.

1. Holidays and special occasions

International blogger day, seafarer’s Day, any other’s Day, state and religious holidays — this is not the whole list of news and summer sale ideas, that can be used as promotional. The most important thing in creating SMS templates for sales is not to be trivial, but to create an original theme and idea of promotional SMS and add some beneficial offers for a customer. Probably some of you have already received the invitation to promo-class of Yoga, dedicated to the summer solstice. Haven’t you?

When planning a summer campaign, do not forget about the features of the promotional communication, which consists of repeated contact with subscribers: detailed campaign planning, steps of the campaign implementation, campaign launch, campaign completion. At the same time try not to be too annoying with your promotional SMS, which may cause a negative attitude of your customers to you.

The chain of SMS dedicated to the promo offer may include:

  1. News announcement in SMS notification about the upcoming offer/discount/ sale etc. to the customer’s database
  2. Reminder about the promo offer to all customers who confirmed their participation (this can be an SMS alert)
  3. After the event offer

There was a case implemented by our customer – an SMS campaign dedicated to the first summer day – June the 1-st. In two weeks, the company has sent its customers an SMS to subscribers announcing the start of the campaign “Summer in 2 weeks! Our prices are preparing for vacation, we are preparing discounts of up to 50%.”

See some examples of SMS texts prepared by our team of marketers for our customers’ summer SMS campaigns:

LAST DAY! Get an additional 30% off sale items – chill out! its better late than never! Use the promo code …

2. New releases

Another occasion to reach out to your customers is through a newsletter that SMS introduces new products or services, recently launched, or newly launched. You can name your SMS “Shop Now” and insert it to the SMS short link following the customer to the new collection, or the collection updates. In addition, you can add some tempting offer — like a free bag in addition to the order exceeding $ 50. Just switch on your creativity – make your customer an offer they can’t refuse!

The SUMMER SAVING SALE starts on the 1-st of June! You are welcome to our cafe! Ice cream to each 5th guest!

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3. Special offers for regular customers

According to the analytical resources, loyal customers cost 10 times more than their first purchase. So, it is a challenge for a business to work on loyal customer support, in order to increase profits from repeat purchases by 25% – 95%.

Remind how much you appreciate your customers and offer them some good summer offer.

Hey! it’s summer in a week! Don’t forget to pick up some HOT SUMMER offers from our shop.

4. Use the moment of the season change

Summer is a great time to pack a bag for vacation. Any topic connected with leisure and vocation is suitable.

Offer a product or service that will make the vocation pleasant, offer help about the vocation management, hot summer offers, etc. Your creative thinking should help to find a suitable idea. If not, just remind the peculiarities of your target audience, what are they interested in, what is their average salary, needs, and preferences – and the idea will open to you itself.

If you work in the B2B sphere – there is plenty of choices to start an SMS marketing campaign just to remind your customers that you value them, and the beginning of summer is just another occasion.

If you work in a company for which summer is not a season of sales, the beginning of summer is a great opportunity to make discounts on old collections. By the way, it is a great idea of summer sales for online stores and e-commerce shops.

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5. The end of the summer season is not a time to relax

August is the time of preparation for school and it can be a great occasion for the “end of summer sale ideas”. Therefore, since July, it is necessary to inform subscribers about how to purchase everything online, at a good price and to release some time for rest.

I think a few suitable ideas are already spinning in your head. All you need to do – is just to review and make a segmentation of the database of subscribers and prepare a template of promotional SMS.

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Don’t forget, our bulk SMS system is here to help you with starting your SMS campaign. Just in few steps, you will start your SMS campaign:

  1. Prepare a well-segmented database of customers
  2. Prepare SMS templates (earlier we were talking of a chain of SMS: notification SMS, reminder SMS, post-offer SMS)
  3. Log in to your SMS Smart account – upload customers database (you can upload from Excel or CSV file) and attach tags to each group of numbers
  4. Copy the SMS templates to SMS Smart
  5. Set up the campaign. If you decided to use the chain of several SMS > use the scheduling of the SMS campaign, so, in order not to forget to send each next SMS, all your SMS will be scheduled beforehand. Set up ones – and rest all the summer!

If you need help or additional instructions in setting the SMS campaign or a chain of SMS, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our managers know well all the features and capabilities of the SMS-Smart system, and are always ready to make your first, second SMS campaign well-planned and effective!

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