How to Apply SMS Marketing at Your Business Correctly

Bulk SMS Marketing One Of The Most Effective Advertisement Channels If Applied Correctly

The way to suggest to the client exactly what he needs, win-win offer at the right time.

The main thing that specifies bulk SMS Marketing benefits and distinguishes it from spam are people who receive these SMS – they agree to receive it and, importantly, are waiting for it. Group text messaging is a modern business tool that can easily boost sales in a few days, besides it helps manage customer loyalty. Online bulk SMS mailings changed dramatically in the last years when mobile operators have started to take the first steps to limit the number of SMS spam. During the year, several important laws have been introduced concerning bulk SMS messaging. Companies adopted their strategies to this marketing channel, so now mass SMS messages are targeted and efficient, making it one of the most important tools to increase customer loyalty and boost sales. Nowadays there is hardly an industry, which won’t benefit from bulk text messaging. Bulk texting will be useful for: travel agencies, entertainment establishments, educational institutions, transport services, and logistics, eCommerce shops up, gambling SMS for the betting industry, casinos and nightclubs, beauty salons and SPS (by sending beauty industry SMS), and many others. The only question is how to use it effectively, customize up to the individual business.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  • Ease to use SMS sending system
  • On-the-spot customers informing
  • Customization of the sender’s name
  • Target audience coverage
  • Increased sales volumes
  • Systematic communication with the customers
  • Low cost in comparison with other forms of advertising
  • Creating a positive and popular image of a reliable enterprise
  • Individual approach – talk to each customer by name
The main challenge of Mass Text Messaging is its correct customization, where one should take into account several important things in order to have the maximum effect from this advertising channel.

Your contacts’ database

The database of contacts should be carefully collected and updated. Use contact groups according to age, interests, gender. Keep your database details: name, the second name of the receiver, birthdays, etc. You even can collect contacts’ database yourself: online or offline. Develop a simple loyalty program with bonuses or discounts and ask people to fill out subscription forms at your point of sale or website with contact information, including their consent to receive SMS adverts from you. Send your text messages with offers and updates those who put a tick next to “agree”. Most people interested in your product will be happy to share their telephone numbers in exchange for the opportunity to receive a discount.

Perform Customer Segmentation

There is nothing worse than a message with information that is of no interest to the client. In order to send the customer valuable information, collect and store the client’s personal information (name, date of birth, interests, hobbies, preferences, occupation, etc.). Also keep his purchase history, to understand exactly what products and services are interesting for him. Bulk SMS platform allows creating segments (or groups) in the system admin panel after you upload the database. You set desired filters and the segment is ready.

Create a timetable of SMS sending

No one likes receiving too much information, even if this information might be interesting, after receiving a 2-nd SMS from the same service – you are likely not to read 3-rd. Usually, one or two SMS per month is enough to keep up interest, besides it is a real opportunity to have regular orders and sales. The number of SMSes can vary depending on the specific areas your business belongs to, and on your customers. In order to determine the optimal number of SMS for your company, perform testing and track the effectiveness (the number of referrals from SMS, special telephone numbers for the channel, polls, and promotions for subscribers).

Create eye-catching short text messages

Remember SMS is a short text message; do not try to fit in single message diverse information. One SMS equals one episode (event, offer). The maximum that may contain one SMS is a holiday greeting and a gift on the occasion. Make your short text bright, catching, and informative.

Include your business contacts

Also, it is necessary to leave your contacts in SMS: phone number, website. It is not obligatory but may exclude customer questions before they occur.

Include to the SMS Valuable Information for Customer

Depending on your business peculiarities, you may use the various information to send to your clients in bulk SMS. It may be SMS advertisements: offers, discounts, sales, bonuses, short-codes for the discount. Text messaging may be in the form of SMS notifications. The difference is that the advertisement is sent in bulk, while the notification is a message intended for a particular user and informing him about the specific actions (order status, details, reminder, or alert). This will build a constant connection with your customers.

Use Own Sender’s Signature

This will be the name in the field – Sent by. Our SMS platform allows customizing this in your admin panel. It is very comfortable for the customers, to find your SMS later or to leave it in their incoming SMS. If you own a business and want to benefit from bulk SMS marketing, but still aren’t using SMS to reach out to your clients, now is an excellent time to start taking the power of texting to improve sales, customer loyalty, and customer service. So, there are a variety of offline and online advertisement channels, applying and testing them all will help you determine what way it the best suitable for your business. Try, test, analyze the performance, and only based on the results make conclusions and select an appropriate marketing tool. Register at SMS-Smart