How to Collect Your Own Database of Contacts for Bulk SMS Campaign

The modern world is moving and changing so fast that all the time you need to act quickly, in order to continue to be heard and fight for the attention of your customers. If you are trying to promote your product and develop your business, you have no other choice but only to be constantly present on the web, and in recent years also on mobile devices.

Social networks, banner ads, QR codes, apps… There are hundreds of ways of how mobile users get information. One of the ways to “penetrate” into the user’s mobile is SMS marketing.

Today we’ll describe your most widespread “white” channels of how to collect your own contact database. Why we are calling it “white” – because, this database will consist of people, who consciously gave you his phone number, which means there he \ she is interested in your services or products, is willing to get a piece of news about your business. This “white” way is completely different from the ways when you simply buy a database of some contacts, having no idea who are those people, are they ready to receive your SMS, will they be happy getting it.

Ok, let’s start!

How do phone numbers get into the contact database?

Keep in mind: getting into the database does not always mean that the user is ready to receive messages from your company. This means you now have another possible way to communicate with your customers via SMS. We’ll also describe to you the ways on how to get user’s consent, but for now, let’s consider the popular options for collecting customers’ data.

When making an order

The majority of phone numbers are collected through orders. The user leaves the phone number to communicate with the seller, because he is not only interested in the product, but wants to get it.


Data collection through offline questionnaires you

Probably you have filled out questionnaires many times to discount cards of a shop, restaurant, entertainment center.


Installing a mobile application

There are popular loyalty programs in the restaurant business, where the key parameter is the phone number of the user.  Phone number is involved in further communication via an SMS channel: bonuses, points, discounts are tracked by SMS.

In some schemes, discounts work through a mobile application, and in order to activate a discount, you need to specify a phone number or email.

Notification about the goods arrival in stock

There are such cases when the client is interested in the product, which for some reason is not in stock. The task of a seller is to keep the user by taking his email or phone number to send a notification via SMS when the product will be available.


Callback Request

This sometimes may be a painful issue for many companies. There were cases when beauty salons and sports clubs sent SMS campaigns to users who never used their services, but only once left their number, asking for prices on the site. This group of people is hardly interested in the company’s prices are not suitable for them. Otherwise, they are already stable customers of the company.

If you want to use such contacts – add a special confirmation field or request permission to send SMS.


Subscription forms

E-commerce websites apply the most popular ways of gathering email addresses of website visitors by asking them to fill in the subscription form. For some businesses, the phone number is a more suitable and natural way of communication, as all communication and loyalty programs are built on a mobile number.

The design of these pop-up windows may be changed according to the offer.

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