How to Make SMS Text Unique at SMS-Smart and Avoid Spam Filters?

Why SMS Text Should be Unique?

Authenticity is important in everything – in what you wear, how you say, your interests, and your behavior.

The authenticity of the SMS text is important for your SMS campaign not to be filtered and get a high delivery rate. It’s ok to prepare several templates of SMS if your contacts database consists of hundred numbers. But how to manage to cover hundreds of thousands of SMS texts, if you are going to send SMS to a huge audience and make SMS text a bit unique not to be filtered as spam?

There is a solution for this task at our SMS-Smart platform!

Let’s see how you can make your SMS texts different when sending bulk SMS campaigns from the SMS-Smart platform on hundreds of phone numbers. This will help you avoid spam filters, increase the delivery rate and not miss a single contact from your database.

Follow us step-by-step:

  1. SMS text Synonymization

Let’s take some message for sale offer, which you can send your customers on the occasion of the summer holidays approach, for instance.

Dear, [customer name]! Get an EXTRA 15% off all appliances. Limited period only. In-store & online at

Our goal is to make multiple SMS texts from this SMS text, make it seem more unique and which is more important to do this automatically. First of all, the customer name will be unique that will also benefit the overall uniqueness of SMS text.

Let’s think which words we can synonymize in addition:

  • Dear = valuable, beloved, loved, darling, sweet
  • EXTRA = New, Additional, Super, Special, Excessive
  • appliances = products range, kitchen tools (just list all your product range where you can make a discount)

To apply the previously prepared synonymization for SMS text practically based on the SMS-Smart dashboard we’ll work with 2 menus Contacts and Templates, and of course, after this we’ll move on to set up an SMS campaign in the Campaigns menu.

  1. Target Phone Numbers Database

Configuring Phone Numbers Database According to Synonymization. At this step, we’ll process our contacts database according to the SMS text template we are going to use. First of all, you need to create an Excel file containing the data about phone numbers of your customers:

  • phone numbers (this is must-have data)
  • first name and \ or last name, if you are going to address the customer by name
  • additional fields according to the synonymized words. See the picture of our test database below.

upload contacts from excel file

You can use your creativity and synonymize some other words, for example, offer your customers various promo codes, or the amount of discount on the purchase, all this should be unique.

Upload Phone Numbers Database

Now let’s move to the Contacts menu. The Contacts page serves to create and edit message recipients and organize them into groups by assigning tags to them. In our previous post, we already described to you how to upload phone numbers from the file.

Let’s remind, to load multiple contacts from an MS Excel file click “Upload contacts list”. Use the file created in step 2. In the Import Contact dialog that appears select or create the tags for the contacts which will correspond to the group of contacts.

Also, here configure the column headers as appropriate according to additional fields according to the synonymized words, in our case it is, see the image:

phone numbers upload 1030x638 1

Let’s see in detail what have we done by this. As you can see, we’ve attached:

  • Phone number field to the file column containing a phone number
  • Comments field to the synonyms of the word “dear” = %comments%
  • First name field to the names of your customers = %first_name%
  • Gender field to the synonyms of word “extra” = %field7%
  • Occupation field to the synonyms of word “appliances” = %field8%

We used the fields Comments, Gender and Occupation randomly just to attach unique markers to each phone number. Now, each of these fields has different markers, which correspond to unique information from our Excel file. So, when sending an SMS the system will take the data from the corresponding fields, according to the markers, so, each number will get different SMS text automatically. The marker values are substituted to the text of the message from the Contacts menu, which you’ve updated before on step 2.

Now, in order to be multiplied according to the synonyms we’ve chosen, our original SMS template should look like this:

%comments%, %first_name%! Get an %field7% 15% off all %field8%. Limited period only. In-store & online at

Save this SMS template to the Templates menu > Content submenu and use it at the next step.

Note! You can check markers at the Templates menu > Content submenu. In the Merge type list, select the way duplicates must be handled and click. See here what each point of the drop-down list means.

markers SMS Smart 1030x632 1

Set up SMS Campaign

The last step of our guide is to set up an SMS campaign. We’ve described this in our previous posts, so you can check:

set up SMS campaign SMS Smart 1030x638 1Also, see this fast picture, which, we hope, will help you do this in minutes.

If you have any questions or ideas that you want to implement using SMS-Smart, we are ready to help you by giving a hint of which system features are the most suitable and help you set up your SMS campaign quickly in just several minutes.

Your SMS-Smart team!

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