How to Measure the Effectiveness of Bulk SMS Campaign

Before you start send bulk SMS, you need to consider methods of evaluating the effectiveness of this type of advertisement and leads acquiring. As some business shark used to say: “You can’t control what you can’t measure…» So, we already learned how to send bulk text messages at SMS-Smart, now let’s find out how to analyze the results, interpret it and use it to get the best efficiency from sending bulk text messages.

SMS Campaign Delivery Report

Of course, you will receive a report on the status of bulk text message delivery. Nevertheless, it is not related to your future profit. A bulk text delivery report can be used to estimate the relevance of the database that you covered with the bulk SMS, besides it can be used for analyzing the customer activity and may help to draw up a sales funnel. See how to get the delivery report at SMS-Smart.

Analyze SMS CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

What is the click-through rate?

CTR or click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a particular URL to the number of whole users who view a web page. In other words, if applied to SMS marketing, it is a percentage of clicks on the link that you insert to your SMS text, to the views of SMS, or to the number of delivered SMS. This metric is applied to email advertisement, as well as to estimating the value of a website in the search.  This ratio will help you to estimate the number of visits to your website and the relevance of your advertisement. It is evaluated in percents (%), the higher this rate is, the more relevant and useful is your message or the advertisement to the audience. People click on those ads, that are interesting and valuable for them, isn’t it?

How to track online marketing campaigns with UTM tracking

The number of visits (website hits or visits to your point of sales offline) and phone calls is a much more interesting indicator. This data has a direct representation of whether your promotional offer is relevant, well-targeted and valuable for the audience. In order to track website hits from a bulk SMS campaign, there is a great tip – just add the URL of your website or a promotion landing page created especially for the offer to your SMS text, you can even add UTM-tags to properly track leads from SMS. Find more information on UTM tags here. After this, as you might have already noticed, your URL will be very long. You can easily shorten the link, for example, using

How to track offline marketing campaigns

In order to track offline leads, just put some phone numbers to your bulk texts but it should be a unique phone number. This can be easily done by asking your telephone service provider for several short numbers, or regular numbers, especially for your company.   You can also provide users with promo codes or specify in the message that to participate in the promotion you need to show SMS at the service desk (if it is an offline store). However, in the case of the store, it is difficult to track the number of visitors who came just because of interest in the promotional offer but did not make the purchase.

Financial Indicators of Your Bulk Text Campaign

The next indicator – the revenues, i.e. the total amount of the income raised from this special offer, and, of course, the amount of profit your company receives from the advertising campaign. Therefore, we take away the cost of sold goods and the cost of the SMS campaign. Suppose we have the following figures:
  • 1000 SMS was sent;
  • In fact, 990 subscribers received a message;
  • You received 250 phone calls (or website visits) asking for details;
  • Leads who paid for the service/bought a product – 25.
  • Cost of bulk SMS 50 EUR.
  • Revenue is: 25 PCs.*500 EUR. = 12 500 EUR.
  • Expenses: 25 PCs. * 4 20 EUR. + 50 EUR. = 10 550 EUR
  • Profit: 12 500 – 10 550 = 19 50 EUR.
Besides, the results of your SMS campaign may tell a lot about your overall marketing strategy. So, let’s see which data you can retrieve from the SMS campaign statistics.

Visualize Your Sales Funnel & Improve It

You can also create a sales funnel and evaluate at what stage customers are “lost”. For example, if there was an impressive number of recipients interested in the offer, but the number of purchases of very low, it is a vivid sign something is wrong whether with your advertisement campaign, or your landing page is unconvincing, or the service provided by your stuff is poor. It is a basis for analysis, for you to find out. If the response from sending bulk text messages from a computer is extremely low, you may have made mistakes in the advertising message or some mistakes in the configuration of the SMS campaign.

A/B Testing of Sending Bulk Text Messages from Computer

It is possible to conduct A/B testing, sending different versions of bulk texts to clients, or changing the time of the SMS campaign. Thus, you will compare and determine the most effective option for your target audience. An important point is your ability to handle a great volume of calls or orders from the website. To avoid overloading, and not to make your customers wait, lose their loyalty, just plan your SMS campaigns by iterations – send bulk SMS from PC by parts throughout the day, week, month – depending on the specifics of your business. Besides, if consider our automated platform, SMS-Smart, there is a great option o implement all the advice mentioned above:
  1. Upload your database of contacts by parts and set up several SMS campaigns
  2. Create several SMS texts (SMS templates) and send them to separate groups of your database
  3. Schedule your SMS campaigns beforehand to send a text at a specific time, put some interval that is suitable to your business, service, website, etc.
If you need help with setting a bulk SMS campaign at SMS-Smart, feel free to contact our managers – describe your needs, aims of the SMS campaign and they’ll advise you of the best option! Try SMS-Smart service