The API allows you to send messages through your own application, website or CRM over HTTP / HTTPS, SMTP and SMPP. It is ready-made libraries created by software developers for the customer to connect his project and help send messages from anywhere with a single command.

Let’s see how to set up this feature at SMS Smart.

API Integration User Guide SMS Smart

To set us the API access by external applications and websites proceed to Connections at your SMS Smart admin panel. The Connections page enables sending SMS messages from external applications and websites. The page serves to configure parameters for connection to such third-party servers.


The page contains a table of configured connections. To create a new connection, click specify the connection name, IP address (or mask) of the third-party server and currency, and click.

NOTE: When using the mask, replace one or several octets with an asterisk (*). For example, 192.168.1.* matches any IP address starting with 192.168.1.

api smsonnet_2

Add connection


The new record will appear in the table, with an assigned username and password. Insert the username and password in the HTTP template and communicate it to the web programmers of the third-party application.

The HTTP template is as follows:

<portal_url>/rest/send_sms? from=<ani>&to=<dnis>&message=<message>&username=<username>&password=<password>

where username and password are the credentials provided by the System; ani is the originator address; dnis is the destination number; the message is the message text.

For any additional information contact the SMS SMART technical support team.