How to Set up Bulk SMS Campaign at SMS-Smart

Dear customers, users of SMS-Smart web service!

We truly want to make your first journey at SMS-Smart service as much easy and enjoyable as possible. Our team is always ready to support you, feel free to contact us by contact form, we will help you with the settings of your first bulk SMS on our platform. Today, we’ve prepared a short video user guide to represent the process. We hope it will help you to run the campaign fast and easily.

In addition, we’d like to summarize the main steps.
  1. First of all, you need to upload all your contact numbers to the system. Please use this article to upload your phone numbers. Once done, proceed to create a bulk SMS campaign:
  2. Move Dashboard > Campaigns.  Click the Book icon to select the sender ID or type a new one in the edit box. A sender ID is the name of the person or company that is sending the SMS (alphanumeric string up to 11 characters).
  3. Click Continue to next step > in the drop-down list, select an existing message or create a new SMS template. Select the long message split mode, review and, if necessary, edit the message. Optionally, using the Add markers drop-down list, include markers to the SMS text to personalize the message (like first name, last name of the SMS recipient if you had this data while uploading phone numbers).
  4. When finished, click Continue to next step > select tags and choose the list of SMS recipients (which you uploaded at the very beginning).
  5. When finished, click Continue to next step > Configure the campaign description and set the schedule (to send in future) OR click Start now for immediate SMS sending.
  6. Click Submit campaign to complete settings.
You are done! Now you can refresh the page Campaigns and see the status of all your SMS campaigns, besides all your bulk SMS campaigns’ details will be stored here. From the Campaigns menu, you can create a New campaign, send a campaign from a file (with predefined settings), review all your SMS campaign details by clicking the details button next to each campaign, and see the campaign summary as well as repeat any SMS campaign. We wish you good luck and are ready to help you with bulks SMS at SMS-Smart! Try SMS-Smart service