How to Send Bulk SMS – SMS-Smart Web Service – User Guide

Learn how to send your first SMS and create a bulk SMS campaign at SMS Smart

SMS-Smart website has a wonderful user experience starting from a simple Sign up process, after which one gets to the Client cabinet to start setting up an SMS campaign.

Let’s see in details these easy steps from sing up to SMS campaign setting:

  1. Create your account – click the Try NOW button or just follow the link >> Sign UP

Note. While filling up the registration form, please, specify if you are a private or a company; your address and country; in case of Europe please also provide us with your VAT Number.

  1. Verify your Email
  2. Log in to your account > Log in
  3. Ones you create an account – your Rate Plan will be Starter at the beginning (see the price per SMS depending on the destinations at Purchase > Plan details). You need to top up your account to any amount to send test SMS (or contact us with an inquiry to give you some credit to test our service). Top up your account at Purchase > Top up your balance through PayPal.
  4. To send a SINGLE SMS move Dashboard to find Send the message and start filling the fields: sender ID, recipient, message. Sender ID: alphanumeric string (16 characters maximum). Recipient: the recipient’s phone number (must contain the country code); Message: text of the SMS; Long message split mode: the parameter defines how long messages are treated. The drop-down list contains the following values: cut (trim message text according to GSM spec); payload (send SMPP message with text in message_payload field); split (split a message into several with UDH); split (using SAR TLV fields). Click Send SMS.
  5. To send a BULK SMS move Dashboard > Campaigns to start creating a bulk SMS campaign.  Click the Book icon to select the sender ID or type a new one in the edit box. A sender ID is the name of the person or company that is sending the SMS (alphanumeric string up to 16 characters). Click Continue to next step > in the drop-down list, select an existing message or add the new template to create a new one. Select the long message split mode, review and, if necessary, edit the message. Optionally, using the Add markers drop-down list, include markers to the text to personalize the message. When finished, click Continue to next step > select tags and configure the list of recipients.

Note. Tags are groups of recipients that can be configured according to your needs and correspond to your phone number database. See how to set it here. Click on the appropriate tag, select the sort order, and edit the list of recipients if necessary. Click Delete orange icon to remove the recipient from the mail out. To add a new recipient, click Add contact.

When finished, click Continue to next step > Configure the campaign description and set the schedule. Click Start now for immediate launch or Set a future time for a scheduled mail out, and specify the date and time. Click Test campaign to test the mail out. In the dialog that appears, specify the number to which the SMS will be sent, and click Send SMS. Click the Submit campaign.

You are done!

If you like our service top up your account at Purchase > Top up your balance through PayPal or Stripe and proceed to create a bulk SMS campaign. Check this articke

Wish you good luck with your SMS marketing strategy!

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