SMS Campaigns Ideas for November 2021 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days

The final month of the autumn – November

Some people consider it to be a lonely and dreary month of the year, like a withering flower, thoroughly soaked and chilly. This time the sky is constantly wrapped in the fog, and only rare sun rays from time to time brighten up this total loneliness. Routine days quietly disappear in the cold mist. Endless November…

Nevertheless, this month might be a great occasion to remind your dearest customers how much you care about them. Sending SMS on various occasions doesn’t mean being annoying, especially once this is done wisely.

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In today’s article, the SMS-Smart team carefully picked up a long read list of events, holidays, daily holidays, special and wacky days for you to choose the one or two most suitable to your business industry. After all, not to provoke irritation, anxiety, and misunderstanding at your customers, your November SMS campaign should be relevant to the type of services you provide. You’ll agree it is very strange to get an SMS from a real estate company that is giving a special offer during Chemistry Week.

So, let’s move on to the list!

Week Celebrations in November are a great occasion to make a week of sales or discounts, and inform the customers with SMS about it. During this week you’ll expect a huge number of calls, visits, as well as website hits. choose if these weekly occasions are suitable for your company.

The first week of November is called Chemistry Week. This occasion may be used if your company have any connection to the chemistry or a chemical industry. A pharmacy shop or a chemists store may send some weekly offer SMS, discounts on groups of goods, choice of the week SMS, TOP 10 products, etc. you may find SMS ideas on the web, but the best way is to create the texts yourself.

The third week of November is going to be Game and Puzzle Week. the spheres that can take advantage of this occasion and run text message marketing campaign are not only schools, courses, kindergartens, various tutorials, but also events management company, shopping malls, or any B2C company which is oriented on providing services or products to the end users. Why? Just recall, everyone loves puzzles and games, and there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t understand the message.

The list of Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days

in November 2018

The beginning of November is full of occasions for bulk SMS campaigns, just have a look.

1st of November – All Saint’s Day, time to send discount and gift SMS on Halloween. One need for sure to schedule this date and invent an idea for Halloween SMS. 1-2-nd of November – Dios Los Muertos – which is another name for Halloween and a great festival in Mexico. 1st of November – Men Make Dinner Day – the first Thursday of the Month – is a fun occasion for a gender-targeted SMS campaign. Segment your database according to gender, and make up several SMS texts for men and women, send separately and compare the result. it is also a chance to make experiments with your customers’ database.

2nd of November is All Soul’s Day, also, there are a number of other festivals such as Deviled Egg Day, Look for Circles Day; Plan Your Epitaph Day – that you can find detailed information about and dedicate your SMS marketing campaign to it.

The 3rd of November is Book Lovers Day – the first Saturday of the month. Oh, we guess you know how can it be used! If your customer’s database is structured and segmented – you can send text messages on this occasion according to the interests. Other industries businesses may take advantage of 3-rd of November Housewife’s Day, or a fun occasion – Sandwich Day. Coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars send SMS to regular users to increase the number of visitors these days.

4th of November is King Tut Day – the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb. If you are not a genius, and this holiday says nothing to you, a great idea is to use this new information to grab the attention and interest of your target audience to your SMS and according to the service or product you offer in it. Just create a fun Knowledge Challenge, intrigue the audience and offer new information and service along with it. Here you should switch all your creativity! Happy King Tut Day!!!

The 5th of November is Gunpowder Day and Guy Fawkes Day is one and the same. It celebrates the notorious Gunpowder Conspiracy of 1605 in England. It was led by, you guessed it, Guy Fawkes.

6th of November Marooned without a Compass Day, a Saxophone Day, U.S. General Election Day (first Tuesday of the month after first Monday of a month).

7th of November Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, besides, all India celebrates Hindu festival Diwali Day (date varies). It is a must-send SMS day – we consider any business area should take a benefit of this pleasant occasion. This time people are most open to receiving your promotional SMS, people are buying gifts, presents to their relatives and friends, and you can just hint them an idea of a gift, as well as suggest them discounts on your products.

8th of November is Cook Something Bold Day is designed to promote us to prepare something plain and daring, that will load up the home with warm, “homey” smells. and Dunce Day.

9th of November is Chaos Never Dies Day – recognizes the turmoil in modern, everyday life. You can use this event for fun and pleasant advertising SMS to your clients – offer them order and comfort with your products or services. Just think about how can your business help your customers to feel more comfortable.

The 10th of November is Forget-Me-Not Day is a day to remember parents, colleagues, and loved ones. One more festival is more serious – USMC Day, the United States Marine Corps, probably is very special, but who knows maybe your creativity is extraordinary and you’ll find a way to use it for your advertising SMS!

11th of November is Veteran’s Day – 

Veterans’ Day values all members of the Armed Forces who helped US country bravely, and in a very big way. They served and fought to protect us, to keep our country safe, and to preserve our way of life. Veterans gave their passion and risked their lives. In some cases, they made the ultimate sacrifice.

12th of November is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

13th of November Caregiver Appreciation Day and National Indian Pudding Day. besides this day is Sadie Hawkins Day – if you know what is this festival about, take the benefit is making a bulk SMS campaign this day.
Moreover, this day is World Kindness Day – which is a universal occasion for a special gift to your target audience.
Among the other occasions on this day is Young Readers Day second Tuesday of the month.

14th of November Operating Room Nurse Day and World Diabetes Day.

15th of November America Recycles Day – one may use this special day to build awareness of the significance of recycling by sending a text message and call to increase recycling. The world will thank you for it.

Even if you practice recycling today, there is probably more you can do. We encourage you to look around at home, at work, or in school, to identify ways you can practice recycling.

A fun holiday this day is Clean Your Refrigerator Day. One may found articles about Whirlpool Home Appliances company was promoting Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, so why not using this occasion for your next SMS marketing campaign in case your business is selling, buying, repairing appliances and Refrigerators in particular. However, we went to their website and performed a search of it. They make no mention of this day.

If the occasions above are not suitable for your business area, have a look at these two which are also associated with the 15th of November – Great American Smokeout – third Thursday in November, and National Philanthropy Day. These two general holidays may be used in case you just looking for any occasion to remind your customers about your company.

16th of November is full of fun and holiday atmosphere, it is a Button Day, a Have a Party With Your Bear Day, International Tolerance Day, as well as National Fast Food Day. what a chance to start thinking over SMS marketing ideas, saving SMS templates on these occasions.

17th of November is not less overloaded by the special occasions, among them Electronic Greeting Card Day, Homemade Bread Day, National Adoption Day (Saturday before Thanksgiving), Take A Hike Day, and World Peace Day. We are sure, one of these occasions will definitely suit your business interests to develop and schedule an SMS marketing campaign this November.

18th of November is Occult Day, it is a strange day, outside the realm of the normal and natural world. Secreted, unknown, secret, magic, un-natural.

19th of November is Have a Bad Day Day – not the best occasion to celebrate and especially send SMS to a customer! Believe it or not, Have a Bad Day Day was founded to support us to wish people to have a bad day. The purpose is to have salespeople stop saying to their customers “Have a good day”, and replace it with “have a bad day”.

20th of November is Absurdity Day. Dedicate this day to Absurdity. Don’t sit back waiting for something absurd to happen. Rather, seek out things to do that are somewhat, if not wholly, illogical. Have fun with it. But, whatever you do, don’t try to make sense of it.

20th of November is also a Beautiful Day, this day is refreshing, and eye appealing. It’s filled with beautiful sights, sounds, and smells. Here is our fact, part speculative reasons this day was created – A song by the band U2 is titled Beautiful Day.

One more good occasion on this day is Universal Children’s Day. In 1954, the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries should establish a Universal Children’s Day on an “appropriate” day. We are not sure, but perhaps each country did… various different dates during the year. The resolution was adopted on November 20, 1954.

21st of November World Hello Day. The objective of World Hello Day is to promote world peace. The theme of this day is “Greet ten people for peace”. It is really easy to participate in World Hello Day. Simply, say hello to the people today, you can simply say hello to your customers by sending bulk SMS.

Besides, there are two more occasions on this day a False Confession Day and the National Tie One On Day (a day before Thanksgiving)

22nd of November is Go For a Ride Day.
As the weekend approaches, life becomes disordered, and possibly a bit stressful. Take a breath, and go for a relaxing journey. You don’t need a destination to enjoy this day. But, you certainly can bring family or friends along for company.

Starting off the 22nd of November, Thanksgiving day – Eat, drink, and be thankful (fourth Thursday), the Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving) there are many more good occasions to contact your customers. Just have a look!

23rd of November – Buy Nothing Day – always the day after Thanksgiving…does anyone abide by it!?! Also, there is an Eat a Cranberry Day, a National Cashew Day, a National Espresso Day, a You’re Welcome Day (the day after Thanksgiving) – so many festivals connected with food and staying together with the family and relatives to have a good meal. Isn’t it a great chance to increase the loyalty of your target audience, as well as increase sales and conversion rates by applying the best bulk SMS service provider?

24th of November is All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day – the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s book: On the Origin of Species – SMS campaign on this occasion will be advantageous for bookstores and bookstall to inform their target audience of less known events, as well as offer discounts on their goods and services.

Another holiday this day is Evolution Day. We did not find who declared or created this special day of celebration. Let’s face it, our evolution is indeed a very important event to be celebrated. We also did not find out when this special day was created. Perhaps, you can narrow it down to sometime between this year and 1859, when Darwin published his Theory of Evolution.

25th of November National Parfait Day – a pleasant occasion for the confectioners’ shops, confectioneries, cake-shops, sweetshops, tuck-shops; tearooms to invite their customers and just advertise themselves to new ones by giving coupons codes on discounts and first order.

26th of November Shopping Reminder Day.
This is a huge occasion to contact your current customers and remind them to do shopping. On your point. Get Set. Go Shop!

All we need a reminder, there is no doubt the malls and stores can use it in their SMS marketing strategy. It is a holiday season already in full gear!

27th of November Pins and Needles Day will be especially advantageous for everyone connected to the handmade, sewing, cloths makers, cloth shops, handmade store owners, cloth designers, etc. It may be one more chance to offer the customers your new collection, ask for feedback about your customer service or tell the clients the latest trends in style by using the best bulk SMS service.

28th of November is a day of fun entertainment occasions – French Toast Day, Make Your Own Head Day, and Red Planet Day – these occasions may be used in your general marketing strategy to attract potential customers. these festivals are hardly popular among the people, so, by making them the basics of your marketing SMS campaign in November you will pitch your company to new people. New things usually attract attention, aren’t they?

29th of November Square Dance Day. This day origins back to times when English, Irish, and Scottish settlers brought square dancing to the U.S. Couples square dance in circles or square formations. It’s lively and quick, and lots of fun. Take advantage of this occasion to entertain your customer, find your best bulk SMS service provider and invite him for a dance by sending a bulk SMS campaign.

Finally, the last day of November is 30th, traditionally on this day a Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day is celebrated. So, we invite you all to celebrate this last day of autumn by taking a day off from work, to stay at home 😉
Attention: We recommend you follow our instructions regarding this day very carefully. Atc only according to your company’s corporate policies while taking a day off to celebrate this day, otherwise, it may cost you your job.

We wish you good luck and are ready to help you with bulks SMS at SMS-Smart!