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How to Send Bulk Sms from Excel Sheet at SMS-Smart?

Besides all the features of SMS-Smart service we’ve already discovered:

You should already know that you can send bulk SMS on up to 100 numbers from the Dashboard menu – Send message form. You can do this manually, by inputting sender ID, Recipients (separated by comma) and a message field – though this process is time-consuming and you can easily make a mistake in a number or a text.

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Send from Excel Feature at SMS-Smart Dashboard

Today we will review the option to send SMS from an Excel document. You can send SMS messages directly from the Excel spreadsheet without uploading the contacts list to the SMS-Smart Contacts menu and sent bulk SMS campaigns immediately.

One more option to send bulk SMS from Dashboard is to use a blue-colored Send campaign from file button. Before this, you can also use the grey-colored button Download template, allowing you to have an Excel template with the mandatory fields to prepare for sending. The file must contain three columns: Sender ID, Destination number and Message text, but without naming the columns.

send bulk sms from excel file

send campaign from excel file

Let’s summarise the steps of sending bulk SMS from excel file:

  1. Ones your file is ready, click Send campaign from file button to load the campaign parameters from an MS Excel file. Send campaign from file button calls out pop-up dialog, where you should configure the column headers as appropriate and click Send messages. See the picture below or gif image above.
  2. Ones you’ve attached the relevant fields from the drop-down, click Send messages. SMS sending will start.
  3. To check the status of the campaign, go to the Campaigns page and click send from file tasks.

see sent campaign from file

Send from Excel Feature at SMS-Smart Campaigns menu

Alternatively, you can send an SMS campaign from file at Campaigns menu:

  1. Click Send campaign from file to load the campaign parameters from an MS Excel file (same as in the Dashboard).
  2. Attach the relevant fields to the columns from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Send messages
  4. Click “Send from file” tasks to view the campaign status (illustrated in the Dashboard section). Click Download template to download an MS Excel file that contains all the columns required for launching a campaign with the help of the Send campaign from file button.

Hope this short user guide will make your journey at SMS-Smart hassle-free and enjoyable. Besides, don’t forget to contact our managers in case you have some uniques tasks to implement in your SMS marketing campaign. 

We are ready to lead you through the SMS-Smart system and help to make your bulk SMS campaign successful.

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