Working Ideas for Halloween SMS Marketing Campaign

How to launch the Successful SMS Marketing Campaign on Halloween?

We do not get tired of repeating from year to year that we do not like Halloween terribly, and we do not consider it a holiday. However, people like this event and October 31 on the streets will walk mummers zombies, vampires, and other creepy characters. From positive sides can be noted not only universal festivities, and that these days increases the number of or, strange and unusual bulk SMS campaigns.

We have prepared for you a quick recipe bulk SMS mailing, how to make a memorable bulk SMS campaign, and not spend a lot of time.

Bulk SMS-mailing for Halloween is a topic that does not live long, as after all, prepare for Thanksgiving, cyber Monday and send an offer after October 31 is not so relevant. First of all, you need to think about: an Interesting proposal with a time limit the frequency and number of notifications (bulk SMS campaigns, SMS, posts, etc.) Segments and groups for which you will send… Oops, as all of this long. While Halloween only a few days left – how to do everything?

Halloween is an excellent opportunity for additional promotions and to encourage purchases

Great, if you have products that are perfect for this holiday – they harmoniously complement the bulk SMS campaign. For example, as in Williams Sonoma (home goods), where even the names of the items correspond to the event:

If you do not have such products or they are not so much think about the seasonal sale. Let it be different things, but you can try to combine them.

On the one hand, you can have products in the style of Halloween, on the other-a simple action, which is supposedly timed to this day. The main thing is that the bulk SMS campaign was filled with horror, horror, and created the right mood. For example, creatively came out of the situation ThinkGeek Overlords (all for geeks). Among the goods wormed quite an ordinary tiger, but with the right animation, he took a really frightening look.

Since the Eve of all saints ‘day is held under the mottos “trick or treat” among American companies, there are ideas with treats as a gift. We do not know how it worked effectively (statistics are not found), but the idea is fun to test. When the goods and design have been decided – we move on to our next step. Boo-OO-OO-OO! A pinch of horror in the subject of the bulk SMS campaign Almost all marketers will rush to prepare notes and in mailboxes only and will be full of offers with candies and pumpkins. That has not turned out such a situation when in the mail we see three similar themes.

Three General Mistakes in SMS Campaign on Halloween

“Ah as same, as same internationalist mailing? Where to get inspiration? Where can I see examples?”- Every time, preparing the newsletter for the next holiday or event, we catch ourselves on these thoughts. Especially for Halloween-a holiday that has long caught on with us. After all, you want, and the template is a beautiful and crazy conversion!

1-st mistake. Miss a call-to-action in an SMS text

The letter has a purpose-to transfer the reader to the site.

Button calls to action work best, but other site links are equally important. Pictures, text links, gif animations-all this should lead to the site. At the same time, you need to think about what the person will see at the beginning of the letter if there is a HUNDRED at the very beginning-the chance that a person will get to the site increases.

2-nd mistake. Write an SMS on behalf of the company

Almost everyone sends mailings on behalf of the company. Some even write “online store.” I do not want to upset you, but in my mail, you are not the only online store. I think the rest of your subscribers have the same situation.

Write on behalf of a particular person. Not necessarily even from the Chief Executive. Write on behalf of the head of the Department or the head of the Service Department. You will not notice how people will begin to read letters and respond to you. If your company has strict corporate rules and you need to communicate with customers only formally, maybe it’s time to reconsider the regulations?

3-rd mistake. Send only one SMS

Then you can argue. We can say that it is necessary to protect the base, not to bother people, and in any case, not too frequent. That’s possible.

It all depends on the nature of the relationship that you build. If this is the relationship of a soulless store that throws licked templates, then Yes-often means terrible. If you are trying to develop a friendly relationship, create fun and comfortable conditions for the subscriber, then you need to write the same way you write to friends.

Write in the comments what you think about our tips. And, of course, dump your examples of “scary” mailings.

Time until Halloween all less, OK-OK-macabre you mailings! See you again! 😉

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