SMS in bulk helps easily attract new visitors to brand new club, or inform the community of customers about night events

Infographic nightclub

A Night Club without an army of visitors shaking the dance floor is an annoying spectacle, isn’t it?

The main advantage of the nightlife is a diverse audience who prefer this kind of leisure. This audience tends to be tied to a particular club and is ready to attend regularly.

In this industry, customer’s love is won inside the nightclub by the interior, music, entertainment, themed night, service, a contingent of visitors.

If your club has all of this at the appropriate level, you need nothing just lure the customers inside.

There are several ways to cope with this task, but here we will speak about one of the fastest and secure ways. The way that doesn’t require any additional skills, education, just knowledge of your target audience and your service. We will talk about bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing provides nightclubs many opportunities for promotional activities.

What can you do to promote a nightclub using bulk SMS mailing?

  • Invitation to a themed party
  • An announcement of upcoming events
  • Notification of special guest night
  • Offers, discounts, SMS short-codes
  • Warning on table booking

Such a method of alerting in the form of SMS would be convenient for the customers; they will always be informed about important events. It will also increase the flow of visitors to your club; we can even predict doubling because very few people go to a nightclub alone.


Examples of SMS-messages:

“Today White Dress Party at Miami night club. Show this SMS and get your free flyer for three persons. We are waiting for you!”

“This Saturday, Disco night at Majestic nightclub with a special guest – DJ Romeo. Book a table by tel. 555-55-55”

Advantages of using our system

  • Guaranteed privacy and security
  • Message delivery guaranty 99%
  • Customization of sender-name
  • Professional technical support service
  • No subscription fee
  • Convenient detailed reports
  • The high speed of data transfer

We are here to provide you the Best Service!

Our team is ready to provide you the most reliable route and ensure that each of your SMS reaches the target destination!

In order to comply with the local regulations that some countries use to protect subscribers from spam, please, provide the content you are going to use in the SMS and we will test the routes to offer you the best one, with the 100% delivery rate!