Get more visits and feedbacks from customers by sending group SMS, increase loyalty and brand popularity

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The main way to attract visitors to the restaurant and gain positive feedbacks – is to serve the highest level of service and the most delicious dishes, which will make clients come back with friends and colleagues. The great menu is the primary key success factor of any restaurant. Bulk SMS service helps to build and maintain healthy relationships with clients. It is a comparatively inexpensive advertisement channel to convert casual visitors into regulars of the restaurant.

Bulk text messages help achieve such results:

  • Increasing visitors number
  • Improve customer service level
  • Attracting new visitors
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Creation of positive image of the restaurant
  • The increasing restaurant popularity

The restaurant can implement bulk SMS service for

  • Customer invitations to special restaurant events (evenings with well-known performers, national cuisine days, a special menu from the chef, )

Example: “Superb French cuisine with the saxophone surrounding. Phoenix restaurant, July 1-st! You will be surprised! Table Reservation Tel. 555-55-55”.

  • Client notification about table booking, events upcoming at the restaurant.

Example: “Dear Edward! You have a table #4 scheduled for 6 pm today. Phoenix Restaurant. Tel.: 555-55-55. “

  • Inviting customers with friends and colleagues for new dishes tasting.

Example: “Hot summer offer! July 1, 11 am to 4 pm – new dishes and soft drinks tasting from the chef! Free recipes! We are waiting for you with your friends and colleagues! Phoenix Restaurant. Tel .: 555-55-55. “

  • Holiday greetings, gifts, bonuses and discounts for regular customers.

Example: “Dear Susy! Happy birthday! We offer you to spend your BD in our restaurant. We prepared 25% discount on the menu for you, and champagne as a gift from us. Phoenix Restaurant. Tel.: 555-55-55. “

  • Customer survey SMS – asking to express their opinions about service level, food taste, drinks quality, guests’ satisfaction, etc.

Example: “You are welcome to evaluate the skills of our chefs and the customer service level. Fill out the form and get 20 $ bonus. Phoenix Restaurant  Tel .: 555-55-55. “

  • SMS notifications about the new menu, offers, additional services, etc.

Example: “We invite you to taste a new seasonal menu! You have not tried this! Table reservations tel. 555-55-55. Phoenix Restaurant. “

Bulk SMS Marketing is an inexpensive but effective method of direct advertising of the restaurant service. It will be helpful for the newly opened restaurants to gain fast guests awareness, attract visitors and become popular in several days. Nevertheless, it is an additional advertisement channel for the restaurant with a history, to reach a new audience. Once you are planning an SMS campaign for your restaurant, pay attention to the SMS service customizing option: set up a restaurant name instead of a number, divide guests into groups for SMS distribution, and suggest to them what they are going to appreciate  (veg \ nonveg food), include some motivation.

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SMS Marketing can be successfully applied for communicating with your existing customer, as well as obtaining new leads.

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