Inform huge amounts of people that you have new event: opera, ballet or movie show using the bulk SMS service

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For the representatives of any industry, bulk SMS texting is a great way to increase sales and improve customer service. For example, for delivery service companies it is a convenient way of clients order status notification, for commercial organizations – an effective advertising channel. Let’s see how event organizers can use bulk text messages?

  • Send Bulk SMS Online Anytime And Anywhere

Firstly, you can quickly and easily spread the necessary information among the event participants in a compressed form. Time – the primary source for the organizer that is always the bottleneck. To launch your first bulk SMS campaign you do not need to spend hours on the creating messages or possess specific skills (for example, the ability to make up and design the e-mails in the case of email marketing).

Second, SMS communication is available to the target audience of all ages, even for an elderly grandmother, who dreams to get to your classes offered at the local Art Center.

Moreover, if you are sending the contact information on the event, this channel gives an additional advantage – the data stays on the mobile phone, and the customer can use it at the right time.

  • Increase Event Attendance By Inviting Them With Group Text Messaging

Not all events are gaining the planned number of participants. Certainly, every event manager has in his career a disastrous project with low rate attendance. Typically, the organizers tend to blame the inclement weather, sudden traffic jams, and other external factors. In most cases the reason is more prosaic – people simply forget about the event. Moreover, even if they wanted to get on it for months, but at the last moment because of the banal coincidences lost sight of the planned visit.

Therefore, besides the required event registration, it will not be amiss to remind a person a day or two before about the place and time of the meeting via group SMS. This will reduce the number of “useless” registrations and will increase conversion rate from registration into real visitors to your event.

Sometimes, despite the fact a conference has prepaid entrance and a high status, bulk SMS one day before the event increases not only attendance but also the satisfaction among the participants with the service level.

  • SMS Reminder with Countdown

Hourly or per-minute countdown to the start of lectures, briefings or competition, may be useful for the participants of large-scale events. Bulk SMS with the remainder of the time will help them to plan their schedule, and also ensure that the event will go off without massive delays.

  • Operative SMS Alerts

For events that involve a significant number of participants and attendants, SMS – is an excellent way to coordinate the people’s workflow. Bulk text messages to the members and all related to it can provide necessary support and notification. For example, at some forum or conference bulk, SMS texting provides rapid transmission of information to the press-center workers and journalists. The participants may be informed on the spot about the change of the place and time of the press conference, adjustments in the schedule, agreements signing, and so on. This ensures the smooth functioning of the press service of the Forum and external media.


The key factor of success for any event – whether entertainment, cinemas & theaters events, stand-up comedy or concerts – is the awareness of the target audience, thorough planning, and timing, as well as keeping in mind a significant amount of other details. The most crucial here is to attract the attention: Bulk SMS is a simple and easy option for this task.

Moreover, bulk SMS service is not only capable of ensuring regular attendance at your events, but also opens new mobile marketing opportunities for you. One can use cross-marketing trick – during the event asks participants to fill in forms and ask for permission to send them SMS with updates – this will build a database of loyal clients.

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