SMS Templates & Sender IDs: Useful Tips to Fast Usage of SMS-Smart Platform

Dear users of SMS-Smart service!

We are glad to present you with a great feature at SMS-Smart service, which will help you to save your time, free additional space to concentrate on your tasks, and perform some ordinary actions connected with fast and almost automatic sending of bulk SMS. Hope this will be useful for you!

Ok, let’s start! Today we’ll deal with the following menus at SMS-Smart: Dashboard and Templates which is all that will help you to send SMS in several clicks.

How to send a single SMS at SMS-Smart

Once you logged into the SMS-Smart dashboard you probably noticed it consists of two panels: the left panel is the menu and balance information, and the right panel displays the most frequently used controls: Balance, Traffic stats, and Send a message form. We will use the “Send a message” form for the fast sending of SMS on up to 100 phone numbers.

Let’s have a closer look at the “Send a message” form. It includes the fields:

  • Sender ID: alphanumeric string (16 characters maximum). It is a number or a text name, which is displayed on the subscribers’ mobile phone as a sender of SMS. There are special requirements for senders in many countries. So, we advise you to insert some numbers (up to 11 digits), as in some countries text sender IDs are blocked, or text sender if you have already registered sender ID with SMS-Smart tech support.
  • Recipient: the recipient’s phone number (must contain the country code but without “+” sign). Here you can input up to 100 phone numbers separated by a comma.
  • Message: text of the SMS

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Reference book and hotkeys at SMS-Smart

The most important feature!

send sms formCan you see the book icons next to each field of Send message form?

It is used to insert records from an appropriate reference book.

Just click the book icon and see the previously set items at the drop-down list.

You can easily use the previously set SMS text and sender IDs, and paste up to 100 phone numbers separated by a comma into the recipient field for fast sending SMS.

Sender ID and Content Templates at SMS-Smart

If you haven’t set the SMS template and sender yet, move to the Templates menu (Content & Senders) to configure Message text templates and Sender IDs.

Templates of SMS at SMS Smart 1030x576 1

At the Templates menu Content submenu, you can set message templates, which are a convenient tool for creating ready-to-send SMS texts for different occasions.

At the Templates menu Sender submenu, you can create and save as many senders as you need.

Moreover, after setting sender and message templates here, you can use them at the Campaigns menu while launching an SMS campaign.

Long message split mode at SMS-Smart

NOTE! Long message split mode is the parameter that defines how long messages are treated. The drop-down list contains the following values:

  • Cut (trim message text according to GSM spec) – long SMS will be cut and delivered incomplete.
  • Payload (send SMPP message with text in message_payload field) – sends long texts in a dedicated optional field (message_payload) that can contain up to 4kb (some vendors may not support it)
  • Split (split the message into several with UDH) – long SMS will be divided into 2 parts 153 symbols for 7-bit encoding (134, 67 symbols for 8-bit and 16-bit encoding accordingly)
  • Split (using SAR TLV fields) – to split up and send them using multiple SMS messages. The receiving headset will be able to combine the messages to the original message. This is called Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR). When sending multipart SMS messages you will be charged for every single SMS message part sent.

Benefits of Using Message Templates:

  • Getting rid of regular writing of repetitive messages,
  • Different templates for different types of messages
  • Template with text that fits a specific event. For example, a reminder to the visitor about his duty, an invitation to an event (master class, lecture, etc.), a message about the end of the subscription,
  • Easy search: you can give the template a name suitable for the event, and quickly find the desired template.

Remember, bulk SMS service SMS-Smart is an easy and reliable tool, with a user-friendly interface, you can cope with them just in minutes. If you are still facing difficulties or run out of time for setting us a campaign, don’t hesitate to contact our support team for help!

We are here to make your first, second, and even third SMS campaign successful and efficient.

Feel free to contact us!

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