Profits of Online Bulk SMS for Auto & Transport Industry

Transportation industry needs operative and reliable informational support – you can get it with bulk SMS messaging

Infographic bulk sms transport

Transport companies performing the transportation of goods and passengers are taking a more prominent place in modern business lately.  The success of operations and profit volumes largely depend on the speed of delivery of goods, passengers, and documents. That is why it is so important for customers to find a specialized carrier.

However, the quality of transportation is not only the ability to deliver everything you need from one point to another. It is also important to establish the correct communication system among both customers and employees. How to do it with the minimum cost and maximum efficiency?

There are lots of ways to promote business online and offline, you may use billboards, Ad placement in specialized sources, and Telecasters, and so on – this will attract some new customers and convey accurate information about your business. However, these advertisement channels require significant financial investments, and secondly, the possibilities of such resources are not limitless – you will not inform your client by the TV that the goods arrived, or your online ads will not tell the driver that there are traffic jams.

What are the alternatives?

The most convenient way is to send a notification. But not an e-mail, where there is a high probability of being unread, while bulk SMS channel gives guaranty to inform the recipient.

Our platform of bulk SMS messaging is a simple and inexpensive way to notify your customers about various events, such as:

  • Departure status (shipping, delivery, delaying of goods delivery)
  • Changes in tariffs for delivery
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Opening of new branches of your business
  • Congratulations to the various holidays (birthday, New Year, );
  • Ask for feedback about the service quality

The Advantages Of The Short Message Service:

  • Information targeting, which sent only those customers who need it
  • Information distribution in seconds
  • 99% received SMS-messages is read
  • Lower cost in comparison with the traditional means of communication

Take advantage of Our Bulk SMS Service:

  • High capacity and speed
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Data security
  • Multi-functionality and flexibility of the system

Examples of bulk SMS:

“We are glad to inform you of the goods arrival.”

“Starting from 02/01/16 we changed Delivery Pricing Policy, details by tel. 555-55-55”

“Your debt is ___ USD.”

Also, the work specificity of transport companies is that you need to communicate not only with customers but also with their drivers. Mass SMS texting will instantly notify every participant about important news and statuses: useful information about traffic jams, repair works, new regulations, routes, announcements, etc.

Using our bulk SMS software you will significantly increase the efficiency your logistics business. In our service you will quickly launch your first SMS campaign, the service does not require any special skills. The system interface is handy and user-friendly. If you have questions, our managers are always ready to answer your questions and provide all necessary assistance.

If you have any question concerning the service, please, don’t hesitate to give us a note!