Fresh Spring Marketing Ideas for the Bulk SMS Campaigns

Why Spring Promotion Campaigns are Important for Sales?

Spring is already on the doorstep! Marketers around the world are racking their brains on developing new spring promotion strategies during the new season.

Is your business seasonal? Most likely, Yes. In any business field, you can come up with a lot of seasonal occasions to organize additional marketing ideas and blow freshness into your communication with clients. Let’s review on some occasions you can use to launch your spring advertising campaign.

Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas Implementation with bulk SMS

1. Winter clearance – sale of winter goods

At the end of winter, do you still have items to sell to empty a room to new spring collections? Set aside a week for the final sale of winter items. Inform your regular buyers about the promotion in a series of 2-3 SMS, offer them spring promotion codes.

Highlight information about the sale at the beginning of the SMS. If you offer discounts on all your products, let your subscribers know: “Full SALE of the winter collection.”

What products should I focus on in my SMS? One idea is to present the items that aroused the most interest among buyers and add a product web link to the message text. This will drive traffic to your online store and help customers find their popular items there. The other idea is to include several products in the promotion that needs to be sold immediately.

2. Conduct promotions in social networks and notify customers about it by SMS

Your clients are more likely to trust the same clients as they are. In fact, 76% of consumers believe the content posted by other people is more honest than content published by the business itself. One way to encourage people to write reviews about your product is to hold a competition.

Ask customers to share a photo of how they use your products or services. Post the best posts on social networks and get the audience’s opinion about it. Rate your photos based on criteria such as creativity and how well each participant was able to present your product. Give the winner a gift card or come up with another prize.

Organize games. As an idea, hunting on Easter eggs. You can hide them in photos and post them on Facebook or Instagram. The first person to find all the eggs and indicate their correct location wins.

It must be fun. But remember, your spring promotion campaigns will have better results if you first determine what you want to achieve with these contests. Do you need to strengthen your relationships with existing clients? Attract new people to your site? Setting goals will help you decide which ideas will work best and which social platforms to use.

Also, pay attention to the sender of your SMS campaigns.

3. Make a special promotion among regular shoppers

Attracting new customers is unquestionably vital for the development of any business. But don’t make the mistake of neglecting your real customers! This is confirmed by impartial statistics:

  • Existing clients spend 31% more than new customers and are 50% more likely to purchase new products;
  • 26% of consumers are more likely to make purchases in places where they can get a reward;
  • 68% of consumers confirm that coupons and promo codes increase loyalty and trust in specific stores.

Hold an event or secret sale only amongst your existing customers. Or send an email newsletter to your subscribers with an exclusive discount on the product or service. Give a small gift as an appreciation to regular customers. Make your customers happy, and consequently, such tactics will pay off handsomely!

4. New arrivals, spring specials, spring sale ideas

Select the most suitable spring products or services your business offers and launch its promotional campaigns. After the winter goods sales, remove them entirely from the site. Make sure, when your subscribers follow the links from the spring promotion announcements, they won’t see winter clothing or snowshoes there. Add spring content and design elements to your website and landing pages.

Greet your subscribers on the first day of spring and invite them to the store to shop the most fashionable products of the new season. Specify in the message that this is a great reason to update your wardrobe or buy the essential accessories for gardening or relax in nature.

5. Ready-made sets of spring trends

Combinations of clothing, shoes, and accessories are now trendy. People like it when someone offers stylish ready-made sets that go well together. Use the idea in your text message marketing campaigns. Create ready-made sets under the trends of the spring season with products from your store. Offer a discount if the client purchases multiple products.

This way, you can promote your products more successfully. At the same time providing the customers with a convenient and economical shopping option. Give information about ready-made sets both in SMS, email, and social networks. Strengthen these offers with the advice of professional stylists, or other industry experts if you sell garden tool kits, utensils, outdoor recreation supplies, or building materials, etc.

The goal is to find more reasons to direct a subscriber to your site. 

When Should I Start Spring Promotion Campaign?

Spring is full of holidays, events and occasions to launch SMS promotion, see below some of them.

International Women’s Day

Gifts are bought by both men (for their women) and women (for their friends and relatives). Therefore, we will pay special attention to it.

International Women’s Day is a holiday when almost all industries send email offers, discounts, promo codes, and SMS greetings. You can apply it to any business area, whether it’s retail, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, etc. Naturally, this day a large number of advertisements from competitors will collapse to mobile devices of your subscribers. Therefore, your marketing strategy must be different from all others.

In your message, be emotional, use a bright or delicate design, and spice up your texts with a clear, compelling, and highly visible CTA. Enhance your offer with free shipping. It will also be appropriate to use quotes about women in the message. See below some ideas:

  • Give a girl a pair of beautiful shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe
  • Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Judy Garland

Like Valentine’s Day, Easter has evolved from a celebration of lavish dining and children’s’ activities to a significant retail event. People buy Easter decorations, new spring outfits, candies, and additional seasonal products.

Easter is obviously not Christmas, but there is no reason why you should not try to increase sales with promotions or promo codes. 

A virtual hunt on Easter eggs hidden on your website or eCommerce site is a way to offer subscribers fun activity, which you can announce by SMS. The first person to find them will get special discounts. 

Mother’s day.

It is the perfect occasion to help your customers express their gratitude and love to their moms. Make sure the text applied to this event emphasizes the appreciation of the mother’s love, tenderness, and care. Feel free to promote the special offer if appropriate, but don’t be aggressive. Just remind your followers how important the festival is. And don’t forget to call your Mom.

Come up with a few more spring holidays to amuse your subscribers, which will be a good reason to communicate with them. 

Dates of Spring Marketing Campaigns:

  • April Fool’s Day
  • Easter
  • Earth Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Memorial Day

Besides, there are local holidays in each country, like 

  • Holi in India and Nepal
  • The Night of the Witches/Noche de Brujas, Catemaco, Mexico;
  • Purim Street Party in Tel Aviv, Israel
  •  Las Fallas in Valencia
  • Starkbierzeit in Munich, Germany
  • Saint Patrick’s Day in the UK, Ireland
  • Spring Equinox, Chichen Itza in Mexico
  • Bali, Nyepi Day (Day of Silence)
  • and many others, which you can find in your local country calendar. 

Once you’ve decided to launch the Spring marketing campaign in your company, we’ve prepared essential elements you should pay attention to while developing your SMS marketing campaign.

How to Prepare Spring SMS Campaign?

Choose the occasion for SMS marketing campaigns.

Spring arrival indicates the time to update your promotion ideas. Get rid of old tactics that no longer work, and start using new techniques and ideas. Don’t limit your imagination. There are still many holidays, events, and topics that are relevant to this time of year.

Offer something relevant.

Link your marketing campaigns to what’s happening in your customers’ lives in the spring. Perhaps someone is going to make repairs, and someone wants to go to nature to enjoy the first warm rays of the sun. Many are actively looking for gifts for the spring holidays. All this makes up a list of ideas to implement within each segment of your target audience.

As an example, you can launch an SMS campaign among those who are going to open the summer season, sending them tips on spring gardening and offers of relevant products. 

Perform a spring cleaning of the contacts database.

Spring is a great time to update your contacts list. First of all, make sure your bulk text message campaigns reach actual phone numbers of interested customers. Those who are relevant to your suggestions. Start by checking undelivered and rejected SMS statuses. If your system tracks opening – check openings, link clicks. And first of all, filter and delete from the database all failed numbers.

It’s sad to clean out your subscribers from the contacts list, but sometimes it’s for the best. SMS marketing among uninvolved clients can be expensive. Clearing the database will increase the number of openings and clicks, and will also maintain your brand’s reputation. When you notice that the number of unsubscribes, spam complaints, and undelivered statuses number has increased, delete those who spoil your statistics from the database.

If you still feel sorry to part with subscribers, run a reactivation campaign. Spring inspires new initiatives, so it is an excellent opportunity to attract inactive customers. Reactivation is intended to interest the subscribers who have been inactive for several months. However, you think they can still be your customers.

This strategy allows you to see who is still interested in your list and who should be removed from the database without regret. Give your subscribers an incentive: a special offer, a free product, or a discount. Also, don’t forget to show what they missed while they were idling.

Once you’ve cleaned your list, it’s time to organize it. Segmentation of the buyer database allows you to target users to more relevant content. This guarantees more responses and increases subscriber loyalty. Therefore, review your client segmentation. Make it more in-depth and select several new groups.

If you don’t have enough data, run a short survey to collect the necessary information. Then build your marketing campaigns based on the demographic data of your subscribers-from geographical location to purchasing habits.

Update your message texts

Everyone knows the SMS text directly affects the open rate. And if the key performance indicators have been steadily falling lately, then it’s time to update not only the contacts database but also the message you send. 

  • Add a bit of humor. Add freshness and humor to your spring sale ads. “Spring arrived! Today is a good time for shopping.” Arouse curiosity, announce exciting new products. And the pleasant surprises promised in the first line will please your subscribers and inspire them to read your message texts. And don’t forget about spring emojis.

Message text example: Run away from work? Let’s pack a suitcase. 

  • Try new phrases or words. Every marketer has a few “killer” words to create a buzz. Most likely, you have already used the traditional “Sale only 3 days!” or “Save up to 25% right now!”.  Spring is a great time to try new phrases. Active verbs and vivid images attract users’ attention and inspire recipients of your SMS to open it. Turn on your imagination, connect your emotions, and you will have new spring sale ads to use in SMS.
  • Play on emotions. New Year and Christmas are traditionally the most joyful time of the year. Valentine’s day is about romance and love. Spring is also filled with very emotional events. Such spring festivals as Women’s Day, Easter, Mother’s day are an excellent opportunity to get closer to your customers and add more emotions to your SMS campaigns.

A few more tips for creating SMS texts. Follow one of these formulas to increase the open rate of SMS:

  • Use questions to puzzle the subscriber and make them think, and he will want to find the answer to your offer. Tell the reader at the beginning of SMS how exactly your product will help him make life better, what problem the customer solves.
  • Create a Deficit. Limit the duration of the promotion or specify that the number of promotional items is limited.
  • Make an Announcement. The fans of certain brands like to be the first ones who buy new items. Also, almost all subscribers read information about new arrivals. In any case, the presenting of new products is exciting.
  • Arousing curiosity is a great way to attract subscribers. If you know what your customers are most interested in, use it in your email topics.
  • Create a Surprise. An unexpected surprise is sure to please your subscribers and make them open your SMS offer.
  • Add Personalization. Everyone likes to see a name, especially in SMS, by their favorite brand. You can go further than just a name, including personalizing other things. For example, remind you of recent purchases or take into account user preferences.

Spring content examples for SMS:

Beautiful bags for the kindest mother.

For Mother with love! Mother’s holiday gifts.

Tell your Mom she is the best. Everything for your favorite moms.

Sweet gifts for Mother’s Day

Your mother should have excellent taste. Let her choose her own gift. Gift card.


Whether you are sending an advertising campaign or a newsletter, don’t forget about the basic rules:

  • Write simply and politely;
  • Use personalization;
  • Add a strong call to action;
  • Advertise your product or service, but don’t annoy;
  • Send only valuable content to your subscribers;
  • Pay attention to the Sender ID of SMS, subject line of the email;
  • Make sure all your campaigns match your brand image;
  • Automate routine processes to save time.
  • Choose the right time for each marketing campaign and always make sure it is relevant.

Ready to start your first SMS campaign? Follow the next steps:

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