VoIP Termination and Bulk SMS Services for Call Centers and Contact Centers

To perform its work properly and get the highest performance call centers to apply a variety of means of communication with subscribers.  Various tools are used to accept and process the request, as well as to give the fastest response. Among the tools, there are first of all the telephone calls, online queries on the website, SMS alerts and notifications, as well as video conferencing or IP telephony.

Lets’ review the IP telephony and SMS services in details

On the example of SMS Smart let’s see how bulk SMS service can be applied to the contact center. SMS Smart service is an online service, which is designed for sending short messages to subscribers: SMS alerts, SMS reminders, notification messages, etc. This method increases the effectiveness of standard methods of communication with subscribers without much effort for the call center managers.

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The benefits of applying bulk SMS service SMS Smart for Call centers:

  •  Instant SMS sending;
  •  The system is fully automated: SMS campaign can be scheduled, duplicated, SMS text templates may be configured, phone numbers are uploaded and can be divided into groups;
  •  Detailed reporting and delivery statistics directly at the system interface;
  •  Bulk and individual SMS sending;
  •  Targeted distribution of SMS;
  •  The minimum cost of traffic;
  •  Easy to implement in a Call center and integrate with the corporate system (CRM) using SMS API integration with SMS-Smart.

So, concluding the described above we can say – applying bulk SMS at the contact center facilitates the work of call center employees, saves their time and effort, reduce communication costs. With the help of SMS service, it is especially advantageous to respond to numerous requests that do not require a direct conversation with the subscriber, in case a certain setting, notification, alert, or reminder needs to be sent.

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Voice terminating services at Call or contact center

It’s not a secret that the primary role of a contact or a call center is assigned to the voice communication of the call center manager with the customers. There are many points the call center needs to take into account to satisfy the best quality and the highest efficiency, no matter the call center is outsourced or operates as a part of the business.

In this article, we will review the only point a very important one – the assurance of the highest quality voice communication. One of the most reliable and cost-effective ways is introducing IP telephony at the contact center. Besides setting up special hardware and equipment this process includes the voice traffic terminating via IP that is VOIP termination.

VoIP allows reducing expenses for international communication for the call centers operating globally. To implement the VoIP termination our advice to the call center owners is to cooperate with a reliable Telecom partner, such as PST Ltd. Company. Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd. holds a stable position in the VoIP market for many years and assures the best quality voice termination and highest quality technical support.

Besides, PST provides easy online access to the wholesale VoIP routes through its web solution VoIPlatinum Portal (https://portal.voiplatinum.com) and it is a convenient and fast way to access the international A-Z routes for voice termination.

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At VoIPlatinum Portal the contact center manager is able:

  •  Run the corporate account, share access with call center managers responsible for the various activities (billing, support, etc.)
  •  Review and compare the rates on A-Z destinations according to 3 service levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum)
  •  Choose the service level up to needs (or use all 3 service levels simultaneously)
  •  Interconnect with the wide network of carriers with a single interconnection
  •  Make secure payments (PayPal and bank wire transfer)
  •  See the real-time statistics and create reports (on expenses, traffic volumes)

PST provides 24×7 technical support and network monitoring on all the service levels.

Along with the SMS Smart, VoIPlatinum Portal wholesale web platform is an advantageous solution for call centers and contact centers willing to cut the costs of international phone communication.