What is SMS API & How to Apply it for Your Business?

Let’s Start With the Basics: What is an API?

An API abbreviation stands for Application Programming Interface. The name seems to speak for itself, but it is better to dive deeper into a detailed explanation. As already mentioned, primarily API is an interface. An interface that allows developers to use pre-built blocks to build an application. API in web applications on examples. Things like Google Maps, all kinds of mobile and desktop clients for Twitter and Facebook are built on the basis of the API. All their functions became possible due to the fact that the corresponding services have high-quality and well-documented API.

World Wide Web & Remote Servers

The World Wide Web can be considered as a huge network of linked servers that store every page. An ordinary laptop can be turned into a server capable of serving an entire site on the network, and local servers are used by developers to create websites before opening them to a wide range of users.

Let’s review a simple case, as an example, we’ll take www.facebook.com. The Facebook remote server sends the corresponding request when you are trying to reach the website. As soon as the browser receives a response, it interprets the code and displays the Facebook page. Each time a user visits a page on the network, they interact with the remote server API. The API is the part of the server that receives requests and sends responses.

How does SMS API work

Which Tasks May be Covered with SMS API?

In the SMS marketing and wholesale SMS industry, text message API is used to provide external systems with access to the main messaging system and implement the integration of external systems with the messaging system.

  • This integration allows the set up of automated SMS notifications from your system, for example, a website, online store, a corporate system like CRM, or other software.
  • Besides, you can set up an API connection and provide your customers the ways to send SMS. This way you can become an SMS reseller and resell the SMS services to the customers, who need to send bulk SMS.

SMS-Smart website provides its HTTP API for integration and enables sending short text messages from external applications and websites to execute all these tasks. For connection, we use the HTTP protocol. HTTP API enables SMS submission and SMS delivery status requests.

SMS-Smart team proposes a free connection to our SMS API without payment for service activation. The use of an SMS gateway allows you to automate SMS sending and integrate SMS sender to any project.

What are the Advantages of SMS API by SMS-Smart?

  • Cheapest SMS APIlowest costs for bulk SMS worldwide.
  • Fast, reliable, and on-time multiple SMS sending and delivery status requests.
  • Easy to integrate: register at SMS-Smart, set up the connection, configure on your side.
  • Integration to any system: website, online store, a corporate system like CRM or other software.

See these Article on How to Launch API Connection with SMS-Smart Platform:

If you are ready to start work with SMS-Smart and want to integrate your system or project with SMS-Smart API, please feel free to contact our team for advice and support. We will send you the documentation on SMS API that will help you easily launch by API and test our SMS service.

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